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best strains for pms

8 Best Cannabis Strains for PMS



By: Samantha Vélez

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a stressful combination of physical and emotional symptoms occurring right before a woman’s period.

Many women suffer from this incredibly common condition marked by depression, anxiety, mood swings, disrupted sleep, painful cramping, headaches, and digestive issues. 

Hormone levels fall right after ovulation, causing PMS right before a period. For some, PMS is manageable; but for others, it wreaks havoc on the mind and body and makes it difficult to function at school or work.

Severe symptoms could be indicative of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). 

Traditional treatments for PMS include over-the-counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen and antidepressants to manage emotional symptoms.

Healthy habits like regularly exercising, eating healthy food, practicing meditation and mindfulness, and getting good sleep are all helpful for managing PMS.

One more tool to add to your repertoire during this trying time of the month is medical marijuana. 

The cannabinoid THC relieves pain and relaxes muscles and CBD reduces inflammation (a major factor in pain). High THC, however, can lead to increased anxiety, so start low and slow.

Cannabis creams and topicals are a popular choice for cramps as well and are applied directly to the skin. It’s recommended that you speak with a doctor before trying medical marijuana.

More research is needed to fully understand the endocannabinoid system’s relationship to the female reproductive system. 

As you explore marijuana for PMS, here are some of the best strains to look for. 

Best Cannabis Strains for PMS 

Sour Diesel 

Cannabinoid Profile: sativa-dominant hybrid

Main Terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene

Sour Diesel has been around since the 1990s and is a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk. It’s known for its signature scent that is both fuel-like and citrusy.

This hybrid delivers an uplifting head high that assists with depression and stress while also relaxing the body to help with pain. It can also increase your appetite for those days when you’re struggling with nausea. 

The terpene caryophyllene in Sour Diesel smells like citrus and provides anti-inflammatory effects that help fight pain in the body.

If you’re suffering from painful cramps and headaches during PMS, then this might be the strain for you. 

Blue Dream 

Cannabinoid Profile: sativa-dominant hybrid 

Main Terpenes: myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene  

This relaxing strain comes from California and is a cross between Haze and Blueberry, which gives it a scent full of earthy tones and berries. The balanced effects provide both an uplifting, creative high and mellow body relaxation. 

Blue Dream is abundant in myrcene, the terpene found in hops and mangos that is known for its sedative and relaxing effects. This strain also contains pinene, a terpene that smells like pine trees and boosts energy and alleviates anxiety. 

When PMS has you feeling low and experiencing mood swings and irritability, this strain may be a good choice for dealing with the stresses of the day.

Jack Herer

Cannabinoid Profile: sativa-dominant hybrid 

Main Terpenes: terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene 

This renowned strain is named after the famous cannabis activist Jack Herer, author of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

It’s a popular choice among medical users for its combination of relaxing physical effects and mellow cerebral effects. 

It was bred from a combination of Haze and a cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5, and smells of pine, citrus and floral notes.

Jack Herer is a good choice for daytime use to combat anxiety and migraines, and its THC content ranges from 15-24%.


Cannabinoid Profile: sativa-dominant hybrid 

Main Terpenes: myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene 

Harlequin is another popular choice among medical marijuana users thanks to its strong CBD content and low THC content. Its balanced CBD and THC profile (approximately 5:2) is makes it a great strain for those new to marijuana or for those who suffer from anxiety. 

For some women, menstrual cramps can feel debilitating. So the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD combined with the low THC content of Harlequin make it appealing for days when you need to medicate pain and emotional symptoms but don’t want to feel intoxicated.

Durban Poison 

Cannabinoid Profile: sativa

Main Terpenes: terpinolene, myrcene and limonene

This skunky and citrusy cannabis strain has lineage tracing back to South Africa. Durban Poison is a sativa and a good choice for smoking in the morning before going about your day.

Its spicy and sweet scent is reminiscent of licorice and it contains 15-25% THC. The mental uplifting effects of the high are great for getting into a creative mindset or for social gatherings. 

Durban Poison is also known for improving appetite, soothing upset stomachs, and migraine relief, all of which you may be struggling with during PMS. Additionally, it contains THCV, which is helpful for those with anxiety. 

OG Kush 

Cannabinoid Profile: balanced hybrid

Main Terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene

This legendary strain is a balanced hybrid that is best consumed at night time for aches and pains and for insomnia. OG Kush’s balanced high delivers both sedative body effects as well as a relaxing head high.

Those with anxiety should proceed with caution with this high THC strain (20-25%). Upon smoking, OG Kush smells like pine trees, fuel, and lemons. Additionally, it is praised for helping relieve nausea. 

Super Lemon Haze

Cannabinoid Profile: sativa-dominant hybrid 

Main Terpenes: limonene, terpinolene and ocimene 

When you’re feeling especially tired and fatigued, Super Lemon Haze is an excellent choice for a pick-me-up.

This sativa-dominant strain is energizing and uplifting and perfect for use during a workout or creative activities like journaling or writing.

This lemony and sweet award-winning flower was bred by crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. 

Thanks to the terpene limonene, this strain tastes citrusy like lemon, orange and grapefruit. It is known for a balanced high that relaxes the body and eases the mind (as long as you don’t smoke too much, which could lead to anxiety). Super Lemon Haze is commonly consumed for PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, migraines and nausea. 

Granddaddy Purple

Cannabinoid Profile: indica-dominant hybrid 

Main Terpenes: linalool, alpha-pinene and caryophyllene 

Also known as Grand Daddy Purps or GDP, this famous strain was bred by Ken Estes in California by crossing Purple Urkle with Big Bud. Similar to Grape Ape, this strain tastes like grapes and berries.

GDP averages at 20% THC and offers relaxing and sedating effects that make it a good choice for nighttime use.

Those suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, and chronic pain will benefit from the relaxing body high. 

Painful cramps, headaches, nausea, fatigue and irritability make getting through the day difficult.

For days when the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS are especially challenging, one of these eight strains may be what you’re looking for.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis and its uplifting and relaxing effects have the potential to help manage PMS symptoms, so you don’t have to suffer. 

Samantha Vélez is the Outreach Coordinator at Veriheal, an online platform that connects patients with medical marijuana doctors. 

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