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Michigan Launches High Times Black Label Products



Michigan, get ready! High Times Black and Red Label products have arrived. In Michigan, smokers can now purchase High Times’ very own vapes. The company’s first batch of vapes are one gram of pure elation. There are seven strains to ensure a quality time of kicking back and relaxing. 

Each strain varies in potency, but across the board, they’re consistent in effectiveness. High Times Black Label cartridges are packed with premium live resin, which preserves the cannabis-derived terpenes. As for the Red Label vapes, they’re all about 10 percent higher in THC. The vapes are debuting exclusively across the state of Michigan in 22 stores, with delivery often available. 

The strains come courtesy of some of the state’s finest growers, given that High Times wants to give Michigan’s residents some unforgettable highs. “With the ease of our portable vapes, Michigan can sit back, relax and enjoy the high,” said Peter Horvath, High Times Chief Executive Officer.

“Catering to both new consumers and the life-long evangelists, our Black and Red Labels were designed to offer the best the cannabis landscape has to offer at an affordable price. At High Times, we believe everyone deserves access to the best cannabis products in order to improve their health, wellness, and quality of life.”

High Times Black Label 1 2
Michigan Launches High Times Black Label Products 8

The Black Label is represented by Super Lemon Haze (79.7 percent THC), LA Kush Cake (73.8 percent THC) and Animal Mintz (73.7 percent THC), which are preserved in live resin form. The Red Label features sativa varieties, such as Morning Mimosa (88.1 percent THC) and Sour Strawberry Mist (79.9 percent THC). Plus, if a smoker isn’t into Sativa, there’s a hybrid, Original Chem (87.7 percent THC), and a powerful Indica, named Fire Cookie (84 percent THC)

Fire Cookie is the perfect strain to hit shortly before bedtime. Tolerance varies, of course, but two minimal hits of the compact and durable vape does the trick. It puts the mind and body completely at ease. It’s an indica-dominant strain that combines GSC and Fire OG, known best for an easygoing sense of euphoria. Not overwhelming, it hits just right. A hit of Fire Cookie is recommended not only for a night of rest, but to treat stress, physical pain and, in some cases, fatigue. 

Another Red Label favorite is OG Chem, which is a cross between Chemdawg and the iconic indica, OG Kush. With high-potency OG Kush in the mix, a single hit or two of the oil gets the mind and creativity racing without going into overdrive. It’s a strain known for enhancing creativity, and for good reason. If it’s arts and crafts time, OG Chem lets you relax to create with more ease. 

Michigan Red Label Offerings

As for the other two Red Label offerings, Morning Mimosa and Sour Strawberry Mist, both live up to their names. Sour Strawberry Mist is especially tasty. It has a sweetness to it, both in taste and effect. It’s a challenge to put this particular strain away just because it tastes and smells so damn good. Even though it’s a sativa, it has a slightly more mellowing effect. It’s potent, but at the same time, it’s nice and light. One hit of Strawberry Mist will put more pep in a smoker’s step. It’s one gram of pure joy. 

Morning Mimosa is more of a calm and steady experience. It’ll relieve anxiety, so it keeps a smoker grounded with their thoughts, pleasant or not. Imagine a still ocean of mimosa; that’s this strain in an oddball nutshell. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the kind of image conjured when you smoke and think of Morning Mimosa. A sensation of stillness is the highlight of this strain. If anyone is seeking a hit of peacefulness for the day or night, Morning Mimosa is up to the task. 

High Times Both labels together
Michigan Launches High Times Black Label Products 9

LA Kush Cake, a blend of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, is an indica in the Black Label Group with a similarly desirable effect as Morning Mimosa. It’s a serene high. If a smoker is off the clock and wants to unreel, LA Kush Cake gets the job more than done. Plus, it features a hint of vanilla. It’s subtle, as is the LA Kush Cake vape in general. 

Now, if a smoker is in search of strains to pick up the pace in their day, The Black Label is it. It doesn’t take long after a hit of Super Lemon Haze for a smile to erupt. Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk join forces for the sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain hails from the Netherlands and was originally bred by the award-winning Green House Seed Co. As for the Super Lemon Haze vape, it is a no-joke pick-me-up. Energy levels rise as fast as the oil hits. The taste and smell is low-key sweet. It’s a recommendation for a gathering or a pleasant conversation. 

Last but not least in the pack is another addition to The Black Label repertoire, Animal Mintz. It’s another hybrid, mixing together the likes of Fire OG, Animal Cookies, and The Mint Cookies. It’s a true hybrid with the best of both worlds. Physically, it creates a restful state. Mentally, it gets the mind moving and ready to work. Animal Mintz can work wonders for a relaxing night in or an active day out. For a run, a hike, or a day at the beach, this hybrid can help a productive or physical day of activity. Once the high wears off, though, it’s best to hit the hay.

These oils can cater to a variety of smokers, but they all manage to accomplish the same effect at the end of the day. A potent high, of course. There’s a bit of something for everyone, though. Red and Black Label vapes meet the needs of every smoker imaginable. 

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Detroit the Latest to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms



It’s definitely becoming a trend that can’t be ignored. Individual locations in the US are passing legislation to legalize and decriminalize magic mushrooms, and other entheogenic plants. Newest is Detroit, which passed a voter measure to decriminalize magic mushrooms in late 2021.

The Detroit measure to decriminalize magic mushrooms makes psychedelics that much more mainstream. A federal legalization probably won’t be until after cannabis is legalized though. Remember to subscribe to The Psychedelics Weekly Newsletter for more articles like this one and all the latest, most exciting industry news. And save big on Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10THCOTHCVTHCP & HHC products by checking out our “Best-of” lists!

What’s the news?

On Tuesday November 2nd, 2021, Detroit voters passed Proposal E, to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other entheogenic plants. The definition of entheogen, is “a psychoactive, hallucinogenic substance or preparation (such as psilocybin or ayahuasca) especially when derived from plants or fungi and used in religious, spiritual, or ritualistic contexts.”

The measure was passed with 61% of voters in favor, and 39% against. Included in the ‘in favor’ category was mayor Mike Duggan, who also won re-election that day. Said Michigan Michigan State Sen. Adam Hollier at the news: “The war on drugs was a war on Black and brown communities and it’s good to see Black communities pushing back.”

The ballot measure stated that the change would amend the city’s code to “decriminalize to the fullest extent permitted under Michigan law the personal possession and therapeutic use of Entheogenic Plants by adults and make the personal possession and therapeutic use of Entheogenic Plants by adults the city’s lowest law-enforcement priority.”

Detroit referendum

As a decriminalization measure, and not a legalization, though the new mandate means the ability to posses these compounds within the city limits without it being a priority for law enforcement, no legalized commercial market was instituted in any form, medical or recreational. Though this effects many entheogenic plants, the main ones included are magic mushrooms, ibogaine, ayahuasca, and mescaline. 

Michigan at the forefront of psychedelics legalization

Detroit and its new policy to decriminalize magic mushrooms is just part of what’s going on in Michigan. Michigan certainly isn’t the first state to propose legislation for psychedelic decriminalization/legalization, but it is most definitely a front-runner in the fight to get these compounds approved in some way legally, with several moves putting it at the front of the current race.

Much of this has to do with SB 631 which was introduced on September 3rd, 2021. This bill would not only decriminalize psychedelic compounds, but actually legalize them statewide, making it the first state (along with California, which has its own bill in the works) to allow for recreational use of psychedelic compounds. The bill has been sitting in the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety since the summer, so how much progress there will be, or when, is hard to say. However, the bill is still alive.

If it were to actually be passed, it would legalize the cultivation, delivery, creation, possession, and communal use of recreational entheogenic plants like magic mushrooms. This would not create a legal sales market, however, as the transfer of money for products would remain illegal. The one caveat to this, is in the circumstances of “counseling, spiritual guidance, or a related service that is provided in conjunction with the use of an entheogenic plant or fungus under the guidance and supervision of an individual providing the service”, when it would not be illegal to charge a fee.

Even without a regulated market, there don’t seem to be civil penalties attached, which would be the case with a standard decriminalization, thus making for an actual legalization. Though the bill co-authors worded it with the intention of use for religious purposes, there is no specification about showing religious intent, nor can any government tell a person how to be spiritual without breaking the first amendment of the constitution.

What else is going on in Michigan?

Trying to pass a state-wide psychedelics legalization measure is already quite forward thinking. And Michigan’s biggest city Detroit passing a bill to decriminalize psychedelics in the form of entheogenic plants will only help bolster this larger initiative. But elsewhere in Michigan, other things have also happened to promote these looser psychedelics measures.


For one thing, Detroit is not the first location in Michigan to independently create a decriminalization measure. In 2020, Ann Arbor, Michigan passed a decriminalization measure, followed by Washtenaw County, Michigan in 2021. Ann Arbor passed its legislation by way of a unanimous city council vote which decriminalized possession, cultivation, and non-commercial use of entheogenic plants like magic mushrooms.

Washtenaw County did it differently, with the decriminalization coming by way of the County Prosecutor’s Office. The office created a directive for it to be the lowest priority of law enforcement to prosecute people for crimes involving such psychedelic plants. Much like Seattle, this is not a legal policy change, which should be considered, but rather a directive to law enforcement that they shouldn’t be going after these crimes. This lack of an actual legal basis, does not legally prevent such prosecutions, though.

Grand Rapids is also making some headway, but not in the form of a decriminalization or legalization measure. Instead, the city is pushing for more research into entheogens, so that more information can be collected for a possible future decriminalization.

Other locations in Michigan are also starting to mobilize efforts for legal changes concerning psychedelics in the form of entheogenic plants. These include Hazel Park and Madison Heights, both suburbs of Detroit; Lancing, the capital of Michigan; college town East Lancing; Traverse City, which is a big tourist destination; the city of Ypsilanti; and Flint, which given its issues simply getting clean water, should really just have drugs thrown at it at this point.

Psychedelics in the rest of the US

There are several state and local locations in the US that have already approved some kind of measure for the decriminalization of psychedelics, whether with formal legislation, or a directive to law enforcement. These include: Denver, Colorado; Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Arcata, California; Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and Detroit, Michigan; Washington, DC; Somerville, Cambridge, Northampton, and Easthampton, Massachusetts; and Seattle, Washington.

In terms of statewide policies, Oregon leads the country with a November, 3rd, 2020 medical legalization measure (Measure 109), and a full state decriminalization policy (Measure 110) that were voted in on the same day. Both passed by voter referendum in 2020, making Oregon the first state to set such policies.

magic mushrooms

On February 4th, 2021, New Jersey instituted a lesser decriminalization policy that lowered penalties, but without getting rid of them. Whereas the fine for magic mushrooms used to be as high as $15,000, its now capped at $1,000. And whereas offenders used to face up to five years in prison, they now only face six months.

Rhode Island didn’t exactly set a specific decriminalization law, but on July 7th, 2021, it instituted a two-year pilot program for the use of illicit drugs in authorized consumption sites with medical supervision. Each municipality is in charge of giving authorization to facilities, and though this is not a legalization, it does provide a way to use drugs without legal repercussions, so long as it’s done in the correct area. What will happen after the pilot program ends, is hard to say.


While Detroit is the most recent to pass a measure to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other entheogenic plants, plenty of other locations in the US are also looking to loosen laws on this front. However, bills often come up and die, like with Florida, so waiting for a bill to gain traction before getting all excited, is sometimes best.

What can be said for sure, is that there is certainly a trend going on when it comes to the acceptance of psychedelics, both medically and recreationally. So even if current legislation in the pipelines doesn’t go through, there will surely be more attempts coming. Plus, with so any locations that have already approved measures, this is no longer a possible idea for the future, but something which is actively happening. 2022 should be a very interesting year when it comes to the further legalizations and decriminalization measures of psychedelic compounds.

Welcome all! You’ve made it to, your optimal web location for the most essential and thought-provoking cannabis and psychedelics-related news happening now. Join us whenever possible to stay informed on the always-in-flux landscape of legal drugs and industrial hemp, and sign up for The Psychedelics Weekly Newsletter, so you always know what’s going on.

DisclaimerHi, I’m a researcher and writer. I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson. All information in my articles is sourced and referenced, and all opinions stated are mine. I am not giving anyone advise, and though I am more than happy to discuss topics, should someone have a further question or concern, they should seek guidance from a relevant professional.

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Delta-8 Products Regulated by New Michigan Law



Delta-8 in Michigan is getting a legal makeover.

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed legislation on Tuesday that regulates Delta-8 THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. Under the package of bills passed by lawmakers and approved by Whitmer, Delta-8 THC products will only be legally available from cannabis retailers licensed by the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) beginning on October 11, 2021.

“This package of bills continues to show Michigan is the model for the nation in regard to protecting its residents and making sure that those who consume marijuana products do so in a safe manner,” Whitmer said in a written statement. “I am glad to see Michigan continuing to lead on the implementation and regulation of a safe, secure marijuana industry, which has already brought tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue to the state, as well as thousands of well-paying jobs.”

More than a dozen states across the country including New York have passed laws to ban Delta-8 THC products, which have skyrocketed in popularity since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Currently in Michigan, unregulated, Delta-8 THC goods can be found at gas stations, convenience stores and other retail outlets. Because the products are not regulated by the state, most are not tested for impurities such as pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contamination. 

In April, the Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University issued a warning about Delta-8 THC, which said that the cannabinoid has been mislabeled as CBD in products found in the state. That was followed by a report from the U.S. Cannabis Council in June that characterized the Delta-8 THC market as a “rapidly expanding crisis” that “presents a public health risk of potentially wider impact than the vape crisis.”

Delta-8 Legislation Updates Current Regulations

The package of bills updates legislative definitions “regarding products derived from the cannabis plant so that all intoxicating substances will be safety-tested through the MRA’s statewide monitoring system and will be tracked through the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system.” 

One of the bills, HB 4517, amends the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act to define THC and modifies the definitions of “industrial hemp” and “marihuana.” The measure also requires the MRA to establish a THC limit on products intended for human or animal consumption. Additionally, the bill allows regulators with the agency to exclude tetrahydrocannabinols from the definition of THC if the MRA determines that they do not exhibit a high potential for abuse.

Democratic Rep. Yousef Rabhi, who introduced HB 4517 in the Michigan House of Representatives, said that the “voters of Michigan chose to legalize and regulate marijuana in the interests of justice and public health.” He noted that regulating Delta-8 THC is a more progressive approach than outright bans on the cannabinoid.

“We know that banning these substances is not the best way to keep the public safe. But we also know that these psychoactive compounds are currently being sold with no public health standards to anyone, regardless of age,” Rabhi continued. “Instead of allowing these new hemp derivatives like Delta-8 to circumvent our world-class regulated system, this new law will apply the same rigorous testing and commercial standards that currently protect consumer safety in the legal marijuana marketplace.”

Robin Schneider, executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, applauded Whitmer’s decision to sign the package of bills into law.

“Regulating Delta 8 rather than banning the product is a smart and progressive move that is in the best interest of public health and safety,” Schneider said. “We are grateful that medical marijuana patients will have improved access to their certifying physicians and that state-licensed cannabis businesses will have clearer standards and improved liability insurance coverage.”

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The Winners of The Cannabis Cup: Michigan People’s Choice 2021



The Michigan Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice 2021 yielded some interesting results, from undiscovered gems to amazing favorites. And from these gorgeous offerings, one thing is clear; the Michigan cannabis industry is not only surviving, but thriving. Congratulations to all who participated! Here are the winners of The Michigan Cannabis: People’s Choice 2021:

Winners of The Michigan Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice 2021

REC Indica Flower

Indica 1st
High Times

First Place: LocalGrove – MAC 1

Indica 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Cloud Cover – Wookie Girl ’91

Indica 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Superior Selections – Holy Clifton

REC Sativa Flower

REC Sativa 1ST
High Times

First Place: Heavyweight Heads – Orangutan

Rec sativa 2nd
High Times

Second Place: LocalGrove – Trufflez

REC Sativa 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Pure Options – Moonbow 112

REC Hybrid Flower

Rec Hybrid Flower 1st
High Times

First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz

Rec Hybrid Flower 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Cloud Cover – Frozen Dessert

Rec Hybrid Flower 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Pure Options – Rainbow Belts

REC Prerolls

REC Pre Rolls 1st
High Times

First Place: Pure Options – Moonbow 112 Pre-Roll

REC Pre Rolls 2nd
High Times

Second Place: StrawNana Pre-Roll

REC Pre Rolls 3rd
High Times

Third Place: LocalGrove – Runtz Pre-Roll

REC Concentrates

Rec concentrates 1st
High Times

First Place: Cloud Cover – Queso Perro Badder

Rec concentrates 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Cloud Cover – Queso Perro Badder

Rec concentrates 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Purple Punch Live Rosin Crumble

REC Vape Pens

Rec VAPE 1st
High Times

First Place: The Clear – Blue Razz Vape

Rec VAPE 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Element Pure Live – Cherry Pie Live Resin Cartridge

Rec VAPE 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Lightsky Farms x Real Leaf Solutions – Lilac Diesel Vape

REC Edibles: Gummies

Rec ed GUMMIES 1st
High Times

First Place: Afternoon Delite – Blue Lemonade Fruit Bombs

Rec ed GUMMIES 2nd
High Times

Second Place: True North Confections – Strawberry Fields Gummies

Rec ed GUMMIES 3rd
High Times

Third Place: EG4: Mindy’s – Glazed Orange Clementine Gummy

REC Edibles: Non-Gummies

REC Edibles Non Gummies 1st
High Times

First Place: KIVA – Churro Milk Chocolate Bar

REC Edibles Non Gummies 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Cosmic Caramel Sea Salt Bon Bons

REC Edibles Non Gummies 3rd
High Times

Third Place: High Life Farms – Mint Cookies & Cream Bar

REC Topicals, Tinctures and Capsules

Rec topicals 1st
High Times

First Place: Michigan Organic Rub x Pincanna – Vanilla Mint Extra Releaf Rub

Rec topicals 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Chill Medicated – Extreme Rub 750mg THC : 250mg

Rec topicals 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Zilla’s x Lightsky Farms – Blue Botanic Balm

MED Flower

Med Flower 1st
High Times

First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz

Med Flower 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Empire – Lemon Cherry Gelato

Med Flower 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Pure Options – Moonbow 112

MED Pre-Rolls

Med Pre Rolls 1st
High Times

First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz Pre-Roll

Med Pre Rolls 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Empire – Space Runtz Pre-Roll

Med Pre Rolls 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Pure Options – Garlic Breath Pre-Roll

MED Edibles

med edibles 1st
High Times

First Place: Covert Cups – Take 420 Cups

med edibles 2nd
High Times

Second Place: True North Confections – Electric Watermelon Gummies

Med Edibles 3
High Times

Third Place: Afternoon Delite – Strawberry Banana Orange Fruit Chews

Hemp-Derived CBD

Hemp Derived CBD 1st
High Times

First Place: Zilla’s – Michigan Raw Honey – Peach

Hemp Derived CBD 2nd
High Times

Second Place: Orange County CBD – CBD Gummy Bears

Hemp Derived CBD 3rd
High Times

Third Place: Rogue Origin – Lifter CBD Flower

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