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Top 10 Stoner Life Hacks • Featured, Stoner Blog Featured



These top 10 stoner life hacks are brought to you by our friends at DankGeek online headshop.

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      1. Maximize your high with tropical fruit!

Tropical fruit such as mangos contain a high amount of Vitamin C and studies have shown that consuming tropical fruit such as mangos and smoking weed can increase your high. Drinking mango nectar will work too!

      2. Suck on a lollipop to cure cottonmouth

If you got a bad case of cottonmouth after smoking a quick cure is as simple as popping a lollipop in your mouth. The sucking and candy will help your saliva glands to wake up and start doing their job again!

      3. Sweet Honey

Honey is a super versatile food and substance, not only does it taste great but it can also be used to seal a blunt. Honey can also slow down the burn which will help you savor your smoke even longer

      4. Sock and Vacuum for spilled weed

In the catastrophic event you spill your green on the floor or carpet, the best way to salvage and recover the bud is to use a sock and vacuum cleaner. Place a clean sock over the hose of the vacuum and start sucking! The sock will act as a filter and prevent it from going into the vacuum bag. When you are done just place a plate or cup under the vacuum hose and turn the power off. The herb will fall once the suction stops into your receptacle.

      5. Rehydrate!

Orange peels will help rehydrate your weed and will help fresh weed stay fresh and retain flavor longer. Store your weed in a container with a few orange peels to either rehydrate or stretch out it’s shelf life.

      6. Dankrupt? Freeze your grinder to find hidden kief!

If you are all out of weed and desperate for a toke, look no further than your grinder. Pop your grinder in the freezer for 5 minutes, then take it out and take it apart. Tap the parts of the grinder over a piece of paper and all the leftover kief in the nooks and crannies will fall out.

      7. Homemade Weed Liquor

Save your stems in a jar, when you have enough stems pour high proof liquor in the jar and let it soak for up to a month. Filter out the stems and now you have weed booze!

      8. Discreet Smoking

If your roommates or neighbors in an apartment complex hate your smoking habits and smell, use dryer sheets to filter out the smell. Stuff dryer sheets through the mouthpiece of an empty plastic bottle or toilet paper roll. When exhaling blow your smoke into the dryer sheets for the perfect filter.

      9. Add lemon juice to your bong water.

Adding lemon juice to your bong water will reduce the buildup of resin on the glass. The acidity of the lemon juice is what helps break down resin and will act as an active cleaning agent while smoking.

      10. Eyedrops before you smoke

If you are an on-the-go stoner and worried about you or your eyes looking high then this hack is for you. Preemptively using eye drops will help prevent your eyes from ever getting red and giving you that stoned look.

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How To Make A Bong Out Of Pretty Much Anything



Was arts and crafts ever your strong suit? Did you used to enjoy making papier-mache objects? Or, like many of us, are you pretty bad at making anything with your hands? Well, not to worry, making a bong doesn’t require a degree in fine art or a course in cannabis related items. It doesn’t even require you to spend 7 years studying architecture at Harvard.

The bong has been around for centuries, and still to this day it is used to consume cannabis. They are made from many different materials, but really, they all work roughly the same. So how can you make a bong out of pretty much anything? Well, by understanding how bongs are made and how they work, you should be able to turn almost anything into one. So, if you wanna be the person at a party who turns a carrot into a smokable bong, then read on. 

Although cannabis paraphernalia has taken a modern and even futuristic turn in the last few years, the basic bong has been around for centuries and it remains a staple in most cannabis-users’ glass collections. For the best Delta 8Delta 10THC-PTHC-OTHCVHHC and even Delta 9 products subscribe to the Delta 8 Weekly newsletter.

What is a Bong?

If you’ve ever watched Pineapple Express – one of the greatest stoner films of all time – then you’ll know exactly what a bong is. If you’re unsure, then let’s quickly define it. Within the world of cannabis, people have always been searching for new and excitable ways to enjoy the beautiful plant. Some people smoke it, some people eat it, some people drink it, some people vape it, some people rub it into their skin – there are essentially unlimited ways to consume cannabis. Even those that enjoy smoking it have found various ways to do that. It has become its own sub category. That’s where bongs come in. A bong – or water pipe – is a filtration device that is used to smoke and inhale cannabis. But how does it work?

How Does it Work?

A bong might look like a complex device, but it’s actually very simple. Each part is essential in allowing the bong to work. There are a few major parts to a bong that – without – would make the bong inactive. Bongs are used to create much more smoke than you would get from a usual joint, and to cool down the smoke. So, let’s take a look at some of the major elements of the bong. 

The Base

The base is the central core of the bong. It’s like the lung of the device. In a common water bong, the base is where the water sits. The cannabis is lit, the smoke is inhaled, and this passes through the water, it is cooled down and then inhaled. The bigger the base, the more smoke is able to build up and the bigger the hit will be for the user. 

The Bowl

The bowl is where the cannabis sits to then be subsequently lit. In a common bong, the bowl will be on the edge of a stem, which sticks out of the base. The bowl will usually have small holes in it so that the smoke can be sucked from the lit cannabis; but the holes must not be too big or the cannabis could fall into the device. The bowl is the home for the cannabis, and the bigger it is, the more cannabis can be used at any one time. 

The Neck

The neck is the mouthpiece or the inhalation station. As previously mentioned, the neck will look very different depending on which bong you have. Some will be small holes that you can inhale through, whilst others will be long pipes. They all do the exact same thing. The neck is inhaled from, which sucks the smoke from the cannabis, which then travels through the base and eventually into the mouth. 

The Carb

The carb is probably the most undervalued part of any bong, and probably the element that is most often forgotten. The carb is an extra hole that is used to create circulation or to stop circulation. When inhaling from the bong, the carb will be covered so that the smoke can build up in the base, and then it will be uncovered when the smoke is finally sucked into the lungs. This helps the process go smoother. The carb also allows for leftover smoke to drift out of the bang and not build up in the bottom. Every bong needs a carb. 

Types of Bongs

Whilst the common image of a bong is usually a glass, tall and transparent looking device, the truth is that bongs come in many shapes and sizes. As long as a bong has a workable base, bowl, neck and carb, it can be made out of pretty much anything. Here is a list of some of the most common, but also crazy, bongs. 

Glass bong

The glass bong is made from – you’ve guessed it – glass. They are probably the most popular bong type as the glass doesn’t erode easily from the smoke, they are always sturdy and they maintain the flavour and aromas of the cannabis. Of course the danger is that you can drop it and it will be smashed but – if you take care of it – a glass bong can last you years. 

Ceramic bong

Ceramic bongs are almost as tasty as glass bongs. In addition, they look very stylish. Ceramic bongs can look like great big vases, and pieces of artwork. People may choose a ceramic bong over a glass bong due to preferred aesthetics. 

Dry herb vaporizer bong 

A dry herb vaporizer is an electrical device that heats up cannabis at a low temperature, which creates vapor instead of smoke. It works much like an e-cigarette, but instead it’s used for cannabis. Some vapes allow you to attach a vape bong. These are very small and sort of look like elaborate iPhone attachments. The important thing to remember is that even dry herb vape bong – be it small – will have all of the elements of a usual bong.

Plastic bottle bong

You’ve probably seen a couple teenagers try to make a plastic water bottle bong at a dodgy party. However, making a plastic bottle bong is the first step on anyone’s journey into making a bong out of pretty much anything. These types of bongs are made by cutting two holes in a water bottle, one which you can stick a joint into, and the other which you can use as the carb. The mouthpiece of the bottle becomes the mouthpiece of the bong and the base of the bottle becomes the base of the bong. It’s a pretty simple transformation and it works like a charm. 

Bamboo bong 

A bamboo bong, much like the plastic bottle bong, requires a level of finess. However, once you have the imagination of a bong-maker, you’ll realise that making one out of lots of materials is almost easy. A bamboo bong uses much the same ideas as the bottle bong – you create the holes for the carb and a hole for the joint to fit into. The entire shoot of bamboo is used as the base. Whilst there is no water inside it, the size of the bamboo shoot allows for clouds of smoke to build up, and then be inhaled. 

Apple bong

The apple bong, again, is an art form. Who would ever have thought you could smoke cannabis through an apple? Perhaps that’s what Adam and Eve wanted to do all along. The apple bong uses the core of the apple as a base, and the top dent as a place to put the cannabis. Mini holes through the top and on the sides act as the circulation holes. The natural water from the apple gives a tasty flavor to the smoke inhaled. Although the apple bong doesn’t last longer than a day, the process of making it and using it is a joy. 

How To Make a Bong Out of Pretty Much Anything

As you can see with the bongs mentioned, as long as the item has the most integral parts, a bong can be made. Of course, there are a few important things to consider. A bong cannot be made from something that could burn and create dangerous toxins. The reason why a rolled joint is usually poked through a plastic bong is to avoid the plastic from burning and creating toxic humes. Therefore, make sure whatever you use is not dangerous. Other than that, as long as you have circulation, a place to put the bud and a place to inhale the bud, then the world is your oyster. Let yourself be creative. You can make a bong from almost any vegetable or fruit you want. You could even create a bong out of a house if you had enough people to help you and very nice neighbours. Just remember: make sure there’s a neck, make sure there’s a base, make sure there’s a carb and make sure there’s a bowl. The rest is up to you. 

What will you make a bong out of next?


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Made in California-

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  • 18” Inches Tall Ice Pinch

Thank you

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