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The Differences Between Titanium, Glass, Ceramic, and Quartz Bangers (Nails) for Dabbing



In today’s article we’re going to talk about the differences between titanium, glass, ceramic and quartz bangers nails so we can choose which one is the best for dabbing, and which one should you choose and most importantly, why?

We’re going to go through the differences in material, the heat up time with a torch, and a lot more stuff, so let’s get right into it!

Titanium nail

Firstly, let’s see what a titanium nail is about. Titanium nails are very popular because of their durability, scientists are proud to say that it’s the most durable nail on the current market. 

Sometimes people can heat up a nail unprofessional and unlike glass nails, or even ceramic nails. Titanium nails won’t crack or shatter in any form since they are so durable.

But why do people say a lot of negatives about Titanium nails? Well, this is because titanium nails take a lot of time to heat up and even if you’re using a great torch, you need to be patient with it. 

The positive thing is that it retains heat for a lot of time, not like glass. For people who enjoy low temp dabs, they shouldn’t consider a titanium nail, since it takes a lot more time to heat it up than quartz for example.

These titanium nails can take up to 30 seconds to heat up, which is not a long time, but this depends on what torch you have. 

When purchasing a titanium nail, take in consideration that you’re purchasing a nail for a lifetime, since these titanium nails are so durable that they last even a lifetime. This is because titanium is an incredibly durable, strong, and tough metal.

Glass nail

Glass nails are very popular too because of their price. They are quite cheap, but this does not mean that you should consider buying one. Let us explain why…

A glass nail is dangerous when it comes to heating it up with a torch, which is obviously necessary for a great dabbing experience.

These glass nails can break at any time, or shatter, which can cause many injuries. If you’re buying a low end dab rig, then it’s very likely to get a glass nail with them. 

Another fact that glass nails are not the way to go. They don’t distribute, or hold heat very well. These properties are necessary for a serious dabber, that’s why you shouldn’t consider buying one.

If you use one, we recommend you to replace it as fast as possible, to avoid any injuries and to get a better dabbing experience overall. 

Ceramic nails

We sincerely love ceramic nails, and we put the number one tag on it. The reason we do this is because ceramic nails are just as durable as titanium nails, but still they heat up very quickly, similar to glass.

What we love about ceramic nails so much is that they don’t break easily, they won’t shatter from heat, even if you’re using a very powerful torch. The ceramic material is chemically inert and it still offers significantly longer heat retention.

It’s possible for some people to even get several dabs, just from experiencing it one time. Why are ceramic nails better than titanium nails? And why should we choose ceramic nails instead of titanium nails?

Fresh ceramic nails provide a better dabbing experience than the titanium ones, and they are also way better for your health. It’s true that the ceramic nails require more time to heat up to get a good dabbing experience but it’s surely worth it.

The price for a ceramic nail is not so expensive, that’s why we love it so much. You can get a decent one literally everywhere for under 20 dollars or a high end one for 40 dollars. Both are worth their price. 

Quartz bangers (nails)

Experts say that for an average person, a quartz nail is the best choice. Why do they say this? Well, quartz bangers don’t take as much time as titanium nails to heat up, and it also offers a more enjoyable flavor. 

But what’s the difference between quartz and titanium nails? Quartz nails have a lower heat retention time, but it still offers faster heating so people who use it can get a perfect experience.

Experienced dabbers also love quartz nails, because of it’s clean aesthetic. We heard that many people will switch their glass, titanium or ceramic nails to a quartz nail.

An American-made quartz banger is created of a single piece of quartz which is used in tandem with a water pipe to heat up the concentrates and the water pipe can deliver the vapor to your mouth. 

But quartz bangers can be expensive. You may ask yourself, why is it so expensive? Well, as you may have heard already, the best is the most expensive.

In this case it’s very true. And also, quartz is not a cheap material. They also add flavors and aromas so dabbers can have a wonderful experience and they can truly relax.

Luckily, these quartz bangers are regulating the airflow through using a carb cap or a small hole in the quartz banger. 

If you buy a quartz banger, then you shouldn’t worry about it shattering, quartz are tough materials and they do not shatter no matter what temperatures you’re using. 

In conclusion

If you want to buy a nail for a lifetime and you’re willing to spend a great amount on it, then you should choose the quartz banger. If you don’t want to spend your life savings on a nail, then we recommend ceramic nails.

You can get a decent one for 20 dollars to 30 dollars, it depends on where you shop. We really hope you enjoyed today’s article, we wish you a wonderful rest of your week, and happy dabbing! 

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