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Is It All In Your Head? • Stoner Blog



There are no guarantees that CBD in any form is going to be of help to you. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that it can assist in everything from loss of appetite, anxiety and even things like joint and muscle pain. CBD may seem like a new idea but the use of Marijuana and CBD has been well documented by many cultures.

Is CBD a placebo, meaning, is there so much faith in the use of it to treat ailments that the faith is what makes it work? With so much daily market expansion and research that is trying to keep up, it’s easy to get misinformed as to the use of CBD and whether the effect is medicinal or mental. 

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Can It All Be Imaginary?

With so many cultures, from so many countries, believing in the curative and transformative power of CBD, it seems unlikely that a CBD placebo conspiracy has taken place. Never the less, not everyone knows how CBD works. CBD and THC both have separate receptors all over your body, like living nodes. The nodes are along a network called the endocannabinoid system. When CBD enters the system, these receptors pick up the chemicals CBD and/or THC and send signals to the brain. These signals tell the brain to produce more dopamine or block pain receptors as well as many other functions like temperature regulation or thirst. 

So there is physical evidence that CBD does function like any other medication, so is it possible to use it to create a CBD placebo effect? If it’s like any other medication, than it should be. Yet CBD does not have any psychotropic effects. There is no “high” so to speak so the placebo effect would have to be if a test group didn’t feel pain relief or anxiety relief. 

The Truth Behind The Rumours 

A lot of the rumours about if CBD works or not comes from distribution testing done in 2017. According a study conducted by the American medical association showed that of 84 CBD oils, tinctures and creams tested for purity, only 26 of them contained the specified amount of CBD. Some that were supposed to be distillate actually contained THC. Yet not one person complained. 

So then it would appear CBD actually does provide exactly the relief it’s supposed just by virtue of the chemical make up of what it is. Even though there is still a slew of data coming in from all sorts of research projects being conducted, more and more scientists and users alike are starting to doubt the CBD placebo effect. 

Trickery Of The Mind

Much like the effect of dealcoholized beer, smoking deactivated marijuana, that is marijuana that has had the THC extracted from it, still gets people high. In some cases the association is so strong that they buzz themselves. In fact, because CBD and THC are both stored in fat cells, these cells can be commanded to dissolve, releasing the drugs into the system. So could an edible be administered that smelt like it contained CBD trick someone into feeling the effects of CBD.

So then CBD, like any drug, can be used as a placebo. The reasons why someone would want to do this are unclear unless just to research if it’s possible or not. With so few negative side effects, using CBD is actually more safe than most realize. Ultimately, ignorance is bliss sometimes. If you don’t know the difference between CBD placebo dosages and real ones but your body is responding positively to any treatment, that’s what really matters. In this world where the term “real” is subjective, the effects caused by a placebo are just as “real” as any other medicine regime. So why question something that’s working.

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Cowboy Diplomacy “Easier When I’m Stoned” • Fan Submitted, Stoner Blog, Stoner Reviews, Stoner Stories



Cowboy Diplomacy delivers unrestrained, invigorating southern rock and blues out of Austin, TX that captivates audiences with their unconventional style and raw lyrics.

Frontman Ian Cochran’s singular growl-like vocals draw listeners in, while the band’s energy and music keep them hooked. The band draws influences from classic rock acts as well as from their San Diego and Austin roots.

The band just released their new single, “Easier When I’m Stoned” at the end of 2021. The song is about feeling at ease and on top of the world when you’re high, and how weed makes the unknowns of the world easier to cope with. Listen below:

We asked Cowboy Diplomacy bassist and weed connoisseur, Brad Bentley, some questions about the band’s new single and getting stoned.

What’s the inspiration behind the song/song title?
It is a metaphor for how our vices can make things easier. Whether it be sex, drugs, shopping, eating, getting stoned, etc. Getting high or diving into that happy place can make life a little better when things are challenging.

How has weed helped you or what mental/health benefits have you gotten out of smoking?
I have had six knee surgeries so it’s helpful as an anti-inflammatory instead of using pharmaceuticals.

Do you ever use weed to help you creatively as a musician?
Weed helps me get into the creative zone and think outside the box, and approach a song from all different types of angles.

What is your relationship with weed? How often do you use it?
I smoke about a half-ounce a day. It’s a great relationship.

What is your preferred mode of getting high?

Favorite type of weed to smoke?
Jack Herrer! Sativa

Ian from Cowboy Diplomacy in the Stoner Days shirt


Where can we find Cowboy Diplomacy next?
February 17th at Harvelle’s Santa Monica

What are Cowboy Diplomacy’s plans for 2022?
We will be releasing our sophomore album and we want to hit the road. Hopefully, dabble into the European scene.

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Best Games Fro Ganja Lovers Presented By StonerDays • Featured, Stoner Blog, Stoner Guide



Just as amazing as it sounds there are ways to make getting stoned even more interesting and upbeat. Keep scrolling to unveil some of the coolest Ganja Games perfect for any stoner gathering!

Puff Puff Pass

Yes, we realize this is the universal stoner code for smoking with others, but we also know that very few actually follow this code word-for-word. Most stoner circles are constant and solid and depending on what circle you’re walking into, you already know how “y’all get down” so to speak. Puff Puff Pass is a game played exactly how it sounds but in fast motion as well. This consists of only taking two hits per turn and passing as fast as your lungs will let you. You’re sure to be surprised how high you and your buds will be just halfway through the blunt. Through the haze of chronic coughs and laughs you see smiles and swirls of light so beautiful you might just roll another one.

Hold the Hit or “Train”

This is one that can be played with just two stoners and also very simple in the way it’s played. When you hit the bong, blunt, joint, etc… you do not exhale, but hold your smoke for the duration of the next person’s hit before you release. The game continues in this way around the entire cypher until shapes, lines, and boundaries are no longer a thing. A classic game of “Hold the Hit” will have you in a blitzed up head high before you can realize what you’ve done. Releasing gusts of smoke and air through chokes that sound exactly like a locomotive train. All ABOARD!

Stoner Stiff Face or “Don’t Smile”

We’re all guilty of playing a good game of whoever smiles first loses.. well this is that on a whole different plain. Mary Jane has the ability to make you smile even when you weren’t expecting it which is one of the many things we love about her. Chilling out getting faded at the same time trying your hardest not to move your facial muscles and raise your endorphins is just as kick-ass as it sounds. The bud is blazed and as you watch the smoke waft closer to the ceiling fan you feel the vibe has just shifted… You look over to your stoney homey seeing the high dash across her features too. Once the two of you lock eyes it’s over, you loose! But the smile engraved on your mug as well as hers is that of two number one winners.

Video Games

Hell yeah! Video games hits the Ganja Games list last but not least. Any console quickly becomes the gateway to different dimensions when paired with THC, allowing you to surpass levels with ease, even on difficult mode. Experiencing a stone alone is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, taking the time to meditate indoors and letting the exhale really take a hold of your inner being. Try grabbing that Ps4 controller for thrills beyond graphic design. Colors and sounds popping like never before, and your favorite characters up-close and personal on the plasma as well as your brain.

Giggles and Ganja are a priceless and rare commodity in this life, so smoke the day and get rolling stoners we have games to play!


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The Marijuana Smokers Guide to New Years Resolutions • Featured, Stoner Blog



So we near the end of another year and those New Year resolutions are coming in hot and that’s got everyone asking if you’ve made any new year resolutions yet? Well don’t worry if you haven’t because we have put together the perfect New Year resolutions list for you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!


#1- Smoke Marijuana strains you’ve never tried before (New Strains)

When you’re a certified Stoner it can be easy to get stuck in a Mary Jane rut so to speak. Smoking the same flower strains day in and day out, dabbing the same honey resin, and feeling the same awesome high. Marijuana is all about chemistry down to the science, so knowing what works well with your body is key, but what if, just what if, you could find a strain that not only speaks to your hyperactivity but turns it into creativity while at the same time curving depression and placing you gently right where you need to be, In your own skin. Well there is one! Starting off 2019 getting better acquainted with members in the Cannabis family feels like a great jump start.

#2- Gravitate towards healthier snacks when stoned


The Munchies Monster is a real entity and does not live under your bed, but inside those nifty green Med bottles you get from the dispensary. More centered on being health conscience than body conscience this season, reach for the trail mix Instead of the cream filled jelly Donuts this time. That doesn’t mean cutting yourself off completely from Candy Land, just cruising past it on some occasions instead of ALWAYS stopping for dinner. Eating endless veggies with ranch or a tomato sandwich until you pop instead of fast food could be the energy booster you need to truly conquer this year, and more to come.

#3- Practice your Craft when high


One of the best qualities of weed is how it enhances our creative mind making every task an interesting one. When we take the time to use MJ as a conductor to fuel our crafts and passions it truly opens doors unimaginable. Making time to relax and do what makes you truly happy when you’re experiencing a ground breaking Stone, is something we should all make room for as often as we possibly can. Tinker with your bird houses, paint those model cars, re-vamp your business outlook, and so much more. You never know, your Sativa stash might just end up paying for itself in due time.

#4- Attend a Festival or Concert


Us Stoners have a deep connection with music, and somehow we effortlessly embed them into our own unique culture no matter what walk of life you’re from, the common denominator being Sweet Cheeba. Make an effort to stack some cheese with intentions of buying dope tickets to a festival or concert to one your favorite artist or bands. Buying new and innovative life experiences and building life memories can sometimes feel more fulfilling than purchasing material stuff. If music doesn’t tickle your cerebral pickle try a museum exhibit, or maybe even a play. Any social gathering you feel would hold your attention while your high.

#5- Start your own Grow Operation


If you had a bag of sticky for everytime you mentioned the need to grow your own bud you’d be swimming in it. Well get to it Pot Heads! There’s no better time like the present… Or future rather so this season get some soil in those pots! All it takes is time, some Stonerdays research, and the will to develop the green thumb that will nourish your green lung. Dedication to the vision is what moves mountains so talk to your plants people!!

#6- Roll a Blunt every day


Do what you have to but get er’ done! This is one Stoner resolution that is sure to benefit you the entire year. If you’re rolling a blunt everyday, you’re smoking a blunt everyday, what more could you ask for? You’ll begin to see progress in your Rolling skills in just a matter of a few months not to mention the feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel knowing you were high 365 days out of the year. Get rolling friends!

#7- Start one, or add new pieces to your Smoking Accessories Collection


Put a little spice back into your smoking sessons by creating a shrine so to speak. Adding colorful and useful peices to your collection creates a new vibe when you’re getting lifted and is always sanitary especially for the social stoner. Bubblers and bongs are a great way to really taste your flower, not to mention grinders, Vapes, and pipes. All these cool Mary Jane toys waiting to be chose by you this smoking season

#8- Smoke in a new Place


Let’s start off, as well as finish the year with a bang. Smoking someplace new doesn’t necessarily mean with others, this resolution could become a great Solo project for you. Getting blitzed and taking the time to explore the city around you or simply your back yard. Emerge from the batcave ( your basement) if only for a while and smoke outside or in a different room in your house even. It’s been said that moving your “get high” place also changes the “get high” effects. New environment equals a new altitude.

#9- Learn a new MJ fact every day


This is definitely a win-win resolution for the Cannabis lover. It’s important that we stay educated and informed on Mary Jane in every aspect. As mentioned before weed is all about chemistry and this includes body chemistry as well. The more you know about the bliss you’re inhaling into your being the healthier you can be as an all around productive person.

#10- Start using the “Buy a Bag, Save a Bag” Method


If you’ve never heard of this particular method it’s just as simple as it sounds; whenever it’s time to purchase your next THC products the amount you’re spending in cash, also save that same dollar amount. Put it away for a rainy day and let it accumulate the entire 2019, not only will you add a touch of discipline into your bud spending habits, but it’s also a great way to see how much money you ACTUALLY spend on your number one lady Mary Jane.

Be sure to check out our hot Marijuana Clothing line. Only at

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