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Moist Dermatitis • Stoner Guide



CBD is great for treating various illness in all pets and especially dogs. How to Treat Dog Hot Spots With CBD? Hot spots on your dog can be painful and easily infected. Identifying infected patches is fundamental to the health of your dog. The infection is mostly in one position, i.e., localized in nature. They develop as a result of bacteria that continuously grow on the surface of your dog’s skin.

Hot spots might be due to low immunity levels including allergies, age, or sometimes the breed. Breeds with extra thick and extra-long fur coats are prone to hot spots. Also, if your dog’s fur and skin are continuously wet due to saliva or moist environment, then your dog may quickly develop hot spots at any given time.

With the moist skin, it becomes irritable and quite itchy. After the itching starts the caring for it should be immediate. Less, you risk your dog suffering from a skin infection.

How hot spots come to be?

The licking and itchiness often result in bacteria growth due to the warm and moist conditions on the dog’s skin. The growth results in bacteria imbalance which irritates. The dog bites and chews on the surface to gain relief. However, it inflicts trauma, causing breakage of the skin.

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots With CBD: Moist Dermatitis
How to Treat Dog Hot Spots With CBD: Moist Dermatitis

Besides, the biting and chewing disrupt the hair follicles, which is painful for the dog. This leaves the infected region bare, and if you touch the area with moist acute dermatitis, the dog flinches in pain. It is essential to keep your dog dry at all times.

However, keeping your dog dry at all times is impossible as they continuously lick themselves. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the different ways in which you can provide relief to your dog suffering from hot spot moist dermatitis.

How do you diagnose hot spots and treat them with CBD?

Diagnosing your dog early is the first step towards treating hot spots. Most importantly, early diagnosis prevents the spread of hot spots. Knowing how to identify the signs of hot spots on your dog is crucial. Hotspots do not manifest in a single location, i.e., the legs; they can appear in their limbs (fore and hind), their chest, head, neck, etc.

Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Moist fur especially matte coats.
  • Any form of swelling or inflamed areas.
  • Highly scaly and dehydrated skin.
  • Sores with crusted surfaces.
  • Flinching or pain whenever you touch him in a specific area.
  • Hair loss and baldness.
  • Excessive chewing and licking; not standard according to your observations.
  • Sadness or extreme aggression due to pain can also be a symptom of hotspots.

Once identified, it is time to give your dog a proper treatment to provide him with the relief he needs.

  • Clean the infected area 

Cleaning the area involves putting into practice your grooming schedule. It is vital to completely shave the infected part and the surrounding area as well. In case the infection has pus, the fur may get stuck in the discharge, which is not only painful for the dog but also uncomfortable. Also, it can cause the infection to spread to other areas making treatment challenging.

Use clean water to wash off the pus. Add antiseptics to prevent further infections and to get rid of bacteria from the sore areas. Thoroughly clean the wound, especially if it’s oozing pus. Cleaning the wound twice a day. Be sure to keep it clean and dry at all times.

  • Soothe and gently massage the wound 

Once it is clean, you can use a soft and dry washing cloth to dry the wound. At the same time, you can gently press on the wound and the affected area. It massages the injury providing relief from inflammation. Moving your soft cloth smoothly also includes assistance from irritation and possible itching feeling the dog might have. After it’s all dry, it is time to treat the dog.

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots With CBD: Moist Dermatitis

  • Use CBD oil topically and orally for the treatment 

When people hear of CBD for treatment of hot spots, the first question they ask, “Is CBD good for my pet?” Well, studies indicate the functions of CBD oil when it comes to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Applying CBD oil is not advisable as it will increase the moisture; you should give your dog CBD oil orally.

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots With CBD: Moist Dermatitis

Taking CBD oil orally provides the chance for the CBD to bond with the dog’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, it improves the dog’s skin health and immunity levels.

Besides, you can also use CBD topical ointment for your pet. Apply the CBD topical ointment on the affected areas; use it to massage the dry patches on your skin. CBD topical ointment protects the skin from allergenic factors that may lead to the development of hot spots such as tick bites.

Purchasing CBD oil for your pet

CBD soothes the dog’s skin, preventing itching. It promotes healing and ensures better lipid production for healthy dog skin. However, there is an influx of CBD products on the market today. It is essential to ensure that you are buying from a local cannabis store. A legitimate store will test the product and provide all the crucial information you need about the product. Also, you reap the benefits of using the CBD after a short while of treatment implementation.


Ensure that the sore area is clean at all times. Pat it dry and apply the CBD treatment regularly. With the above form of care and maintenance, the wound and hot spot will heal in a short period.

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Best Games Fro Ganja Lovers Presented By StonerDays • Featured, Stoner Blog, Stoner Guide



Just as amazing as it sounds there are ways to make getting stoned even more interesting and upbeat. Keep scrolling to unveil some of the coolest Ganja Games perfect for any stoner gathering!

Puff Puff Pass

Yes, we realize this is the universal stoner code for smoking with others, but we also know that very few actually follow this code word-for-word. Most stoner circles are constant and solid and depending on what circle you’re walking into, you already know how “y’all get down” so to speak. Puff Puff Pass is a game played exactly how it sounds but in fast motion as well. This consists of only taking two hits per turn and passing as fast as your lungs will let you. You’re sure to be surprised how high you and your buds will be just halfway through the blunt. Through the haze of chronic coughs and laughs you see smiles and swirls of light so beautiful you might just roll another one.

Hold the Hit or “Train”

This is one that can be played with just two stoners and also very simple in the way it’s played. When you hit the bong, blunt, joint, etc… you do not exhale, but hold your smoke for the duration of the next person’s hit before you release. The game continues in this way around the entire cypher until shapes, lines, and boundaries are no longer a thing. A classic game of “Hold the Hit” will have you in a blitzed up head high before you can realize what you’ve done. Releasing gusts of smoke and air through chokes that sound exactly like a locomotive train. All ABOARD!

Stoner Stiff Face or “Don’t Smile”

We’re all guilty of playing a good game of whoever smiles first loses.. well this is that on a whole different plain. Mary Jane has the ability to make you smile even when you weren’t expecting it which is one of the many things we love about her. Chilling out getting faded at the same time trying your hardest not to move your facial muscles and raise your endorphins is just as kick-ass as it sounds. The bud is blazed and as you watch the smoke waft closer to the ceiling fan you feel the vibe has just shifted… You look over to your stoney homey seeing the high dash across her features too. Once the two of you lock eyes it’s over, you loose! But the smile engraved on your mug as well as hers is that of two number one winners.

Video Games

Hell yeah! Video games hits the Ganja Games list last but not least. Any console quickly becomes the gateway to different dimensions when paired with THC, allowing you to surpass levels with ease, even on difficult mode. Experiencing a stone alone is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, taking the time to meditate indoors and letting the exhale really take a hold of your inner being. Try grabbing that Ps4 controller for thrills beyond graphic design. Colors and sounds popping like never before, and your favorite characters up-close and personal on the plasma as well as your brain.

Giggles and Ganja are a priceless and rare commodity in this life, so smoke the day and get rolling stoners we have games to play!


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Must Have Toker Toys For Cannabis Enthusiast • Featured, Stoner Guide, Stoner Reviews



Season’s Greetings stoners! Cannabis Sativa is the gift that keeps on giving, replenishing the earth with her trippy buds every harvest season without fail. In case you were too high and might have missed it today we’re going to be showcasing a few Must Have Toker Toys around, putting you in the mind of stoner stocking stuffers for sure.

The Burn Bud

To put it to you straight this thing is pure awesome in one durable package. A grinder, lighter, storage for your bud, and still so much more. You’ll feel like the Inspector Gadget of pot heads when you whip out this easily concealed tool to pack your cones or fill them by dispensing the weed directly in. Or maybe the feeling will hit when you later use it to dispense your flower into a pipe, or vape, or anything your hazed out mind chooses to think of!

For the on-the-go active smoker who likes to attend festivals, camping trips and things of that nature, its built to last and comes equipped with a place for hemp wick as well. As if it needed another feature the Burn Bud also has a bottle opener perfect for the beverage you’ve chosen to pair with that fire OG you brought to the function.

Glass Blunts

These have been on the scene for a while now in many variations slowly gaining their respect among many smoker circles, including some pretty high classed ones. These nifty little tools come with plenty perks that actually add an advantage to your smoking lifestyle.

Being that there is no kind of paper or wrap surrounding the bud you get a much smoother and cleaner hit when using the Glass Blunt. All you have to do is light this bad boy once to keep it lit for as long as you’d like, simply twisting it to ash. Once you reach the highest peak of your MMJ mountain just pop the cap back on the end of this toker toy to preserve any left-over herb. Virtually no need to roll anything ever again! Lets get Glass Blunted stoners.

The Med-Tainer

Convenience in our day in age is all the rage, how can we kill two birds with one stone while maintaining the best stone? The Med-Tainer might just be your answer. Its all in the way you grind, store, and pour and this pill case like design makes all of these things possible in just one invention. Most importantly its child proof, water proof, and spill proof so no Sativa will be lost due to car rides, bike rides, or late night jogs; this grinder combo got’s your back. They come in an assortment of colors, some with suggestive weed themes planted on the front like “Budderfingers” in yellow as well as “Kush by the Pound” in green.

We hope these trippy toker toys really got the grinders in your cerebral pumping full of vigor and excitement. The next time you get stoned make sure to have one of these by your side to make the smoke that much sweeter.


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10 Ways to make your Super Bowl Dank Presented By StonerDays • Featured, Stoner Guide, Stoner Top 10’s



Mary Jane is great at making herself the life of the party at every function, and this Super bowl season is no exception! Of course you could have a pretty cool Super bowl turn- up without trees, but why on earth would you? Keep your low eyes scrolling for 10 ways to make your Superbowl dank this year.

#1- Incorporate Edibles into Super Bowl snacks

All your game time favorites like nachos, wings, and even guacamole can be turned into edibles. Check out our stoner cookbook for a closer look on how to execute these munchies perfectly to give you the munchies. Delicious flavors will have you and your guests wishing everyday was game day.

#2- Super Bowl Smokers Challenge

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little competition to some competition. A fun win win game that ensures no sore losers. Here are the official rules and graphic:


#3- Be Prepared!

There’s nothing like the feeling of lighting a blunt the moment you need one. When the pig skin begins to fly you’ll never know when the need might occur. You’ll be able to focus completely on the game or entertaining close ones and not miss a second due to grinding, rolling, or breaking down. You might even want to stash a few killer pre-rolls especially for half-time.

#4- Super Bowl “Bong Day”

Put a twist on words and the way you get high by dedicating yourself to only smoke “super bowls” on this great day and bring out the ol’ bong collection. It shows just how serious you are about your love of football and flying to the moon.

#5- Halftime High Show

For allot of people and stoners alike, the best part of the Super bowl is the halftime show. Naturally we planned to be comfortably numb through it all, seeing the lights and cheerleaders as if for the first time. Now is the time for extendos and oil rigs to take center stage along with the artists and steal the show. You knew the bowl commercials were going to be cool, but you didn’t think you’d have sore ribs and cheeks from gut busting laughter and full teeth cheesing… thank the Sativa for that.

#6- Paper Football Tournaments

This is an option great for family Super bowl events where a younger audience is in attendance. Show off your high creative prowess by building cool goal posts. Legos, or even gluing tiny footballs together in the shape of little goal posts. Flicking little paper footballs through the air and watching as they soar just as your mind has can be very satisfying.


#7- Bring on the Beverages

THC juices and punches will really set the party ablaze. Have the party more soothed than actually “boozed” but still quenching your thirst.

#8- Have Game Day Tunes on Deck

Music and sports are a match made in heaven and since this Super bowl is a dank one, it needs to come with a killer playlist. Songs to keep up that game spirit and songs to smoke Mary Jane to of course. Feeling good vibes and smoking even better ones is what this day is all about.

#9- Make a Friendly Wager

Weed themed bets are always the best. If you’re feeling extra confident in your team this Super bowl season why not see what the bud gods have in store? If your team looses you supply the munchies for a week, vice/versa you supply the roll ups of the winners choice for a week, you know mix it up however you’re feeling.

#10- Ponder This?

Latest statistics have shown that nearly 89% of NFL players uses our beloved Mary Jane…. Just knowing that the player whose jersey you’re sporting could have gotten blazed before the game; wow! Sometimes it’s just the thought that counts.

We hope these help all you stoners have the Dankest Superbowl you’ve had to date. Keep playing and keep smoking guys!

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