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Grow 10+ POUNDS of Cannabis Flower on ONE PLANT | Increase Yield



John from visits TD who grows 6 cannabis plants in his backyard and yields 10-15 pounds per plant (We should call them trees). This is the first of many visits to TD’s grow so you can see the progress over the season and learn a little more from TD each time.
In this episode, you will learn the techniques TD uses to grow cannabis plants in his backyard that will yield him 5x 5x MORE FLOWER / BUD than the seed catalog advertises.
You will learn how TD grows organically without the use of synthetic nutrients or chemical sprays to kill pests. You will learn how he grows this much bud that will get him high for 2x as long as indoor-grown flower.

First, you will hear from Josh from the boogie brew company on why we are here to show you TD’s grow.

You will discover some of the most critical steps you need to implement if you intend to grow 10-15 pounds of flower per plant, which includes properly sexing your plants and determining if they are male or female, and EATING your males so they don’t pollinate your females. It is also important to ensure your neighbors are not growing any males either as the pollen can drift to your girls.

Next, you will learn why he plants each plant in a 6-foot diameter ring that has a planted inside an oversize gopher basket that is almost fully lined with plastic to create a pot sunk into the ground.

You will discover why he does not use drip irrigation, but instead floods his plants, forcing their roots to grow wide and far.

You will learn the specific super soil mix and fertilizer practices he does including compost tea and feeding schedule to grow cannabis trees.

You will also discover why it is important to use a water filter to minimize the biological loss of the beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere of your girls.

You will also learn why using cages, and why it is important to scrog your plants. You will learn the basics of stretching your plants to create more solar panels so they can grow larger and faster than unscrogged plants.

Next, you will hear from Josh from boogie brew on some of the products that he has supplied TD with so TD can grow large cannabis trees.

Finally, you will learn from TD the master cannabis grower on how he grows 10-15 pounds per plant. John will ask TD the following questions
33:40 Is it true you harvest 15 pounds of flower off one plant?
34:00 Why do you want to grow so many pounds per plant?
35:08 How to increase yield by stretching your plants and creating more top middles
36:26 SuperSoil Mix he uses
38:54 What is the scrog technique?
40:24 How often do you feed compost tea?
40:58 What is the lasagna topping mix you use?
41:42 What are the best genetics or cultivars to plant?
45:58 What is your favorite genetics to grow that yields more flowers?

After watching this episode, you will learn the basics of growing up to 15 pounds of cannabis flower per plant in your outdoor cannabis grow.

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