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Which Marijuana Consumption Method Works Fastest? • Uncategorized



There is no question that marijuana has become more and more popular, with legalization in many states. However, there are many ways to consume the drug, each of which has its benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for a quick high then vape pens or edibles might be the way to go, but if you want to avoid any possible health risks it is best to stick with smoking cannabis buds. The time it takes for your body to feel the effects varies depending on every individual’s metabolism, and other factors, so experimentation may be needed before deciding which method works best for you. The most important factor when choosing how you will use marijuana is whether or not you care about affecting your lungs or liver. This means that in addition to considering how long it will take for effects to be felt, one should consider which method is healthiest. If you want to know which marijuana consumption method works fastest, continue reading below to find out.


Edibles have quickly become one of the most popular marijuana consumption methods in recent years, especially since legalization. Edibles were already popular before legalization; however, users never had much choice as to the form it took, which were lollipops, gummies, or brownies. Now that marijuana has been legalized in many states, edibles could be anything from a pastry to a cake.

Despite being so popular they are one of, if not the slowest way to get high. Onset for edibles can be anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes and maybe longer, depending on what was eaten that day, how much exercise a person gets, and more. This is because the THC needs to reach the digestive system before being broken down by the liver before making its way to the bloodstream and then the brain.

Joints and Bongs

Joints and bongs are the tried and tested method of marijuana consumption, and with good reason; they are not only easy to use, but the onset is not that long either at 10 minutes at most. This consumption method has been around for quite a long time, bongs specifically, which has been around for over 2,000 years.

Which Marijuana Consumption Method Works Fastest? Bong on the ocean on the reef

The reason the onset for joints and bongs is so quick is that the THC is absorbed directly to the bloodstream through the mucus membranes, meaning it doesn’t have to travel that long. In addition to this, there are many budget options available online at sites like the Daily High Club for those who don’t want to buy a very expensive bong. The biggest benefit, however, is that it doesn’t get the user high immediately, which gives them time to decide whether they would like to consume more or not.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs have swiftly become a very popular marijuana consumption method, so much so that there are a variety of devices available, from silicone dab rigs to E-rigs and now even mini rigs. Dab rigs look almost like bongs, except instead of using dry herb, they use marijuana concentrate. This is a benefit for many since concentrates can be much more potent than flowers, so less needs to be consumed to reach the same effects.

Those who consume marijuana using dab rigs don’t have to wait long at all before feeling effects, within a few minutes, making it one of the fastest ways to ingest marijuana. This is a benefit and a con since once you have inhaled the vapor there is no turning back; it’s the equivalent of going from 0 to 100 in a few seconds.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Another popular choice for marijuana consumption is the dry herb vaporizer, which has been dubbed one of the healthiest methods of marijuana consumption. This is because dry herb vaporizers don’t use combustion as the method of heat, instead, they use convection and conduction. No combustion means no harmful toxins and carcinogens are being created and inhaled.

Dry herb vaporizers are also one of the fastest ways to consume marijuana, and the onset is around 2 to 10 minutes, leaving users with the ability to choose whether to consume more or not. In addition to this, because users can choose the temperature at which the marijuana is heated, they are also able to choose how many effects they feel. This means that if users decide they want to feel more effects after consuming and waiting a while, they simply need to increase the temperature.


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Dr. Bronner’s Funds Psilocybin Legalization Effort in Connecticut



Dr. Bronner’s is pushing for psilocybin reform once again. According to state filings, Washington D.C.-based New Approach PAC, a lobbyist group, funded $14,000 between August and September to local firm Grossman Solutions to promote drug policy reform in Connecticut. Dr. Bronner’s is among New Approach’s biggest donors.

CT Insider reports that a task force in Connecticut is examining the efficacy of psilocybin mushrooms for use in therapeutic settings. House Bill 6296, sponsored by Representative Josh Elliot and four other representatives, created a task force responsible for studying the efficacy of psilocybin for a variety of conditions—a key step in legalizing psilocybin for therapeutic purposes. Grossman Solutions will help New Approach engage with Connecticut’s psilocybin task force.

“New Approach’s mission is to end the senseless and destructive policies of the War on Drugs and replace them with policies that prioritize public health, science, healing and community instead of criminalization,” Ben Unger, director of psychedelic policy for New Approach told CT Insider. “We approach this work knowing that the fight to end the drug war is a political fight, and we need to run professional and strategic political campaigns to make progress.”

The task force examining psilocybin includes several current state legislators, academic researchers, clinicians from Yale, University of Connecticut and Midstate Medical Center, and representatives from several state agencies. It also includes former state representative Jesse MacLachlan.

CEO David Bronner is the grandson of company founder Emil Bronner. He said his goal is to free psychedelics, specifically legalization of psilocybin for therapeutic purposes, adding it’s exactly what his grandfather would have done. “The passion of my grandfather was to unite spaceship earth,” Bronner said. “We honor that legacy in different ways,” among them “integration of psychedelic healing in medicine and therapy.” Bronner also said that he believes “psychedelic medicine can really help people heal and wake up, and grapple with pressing problems.”

The funding arrived with a little bit of luck. Bronner admitted that his company experienced “windfall profits from being a soap business in the time of COVID,” and appropriated $15 million for advocacy—half of which went straight toward drug policy reform.

Dr. Bronner’s and Psilocybin Efforts

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are known for organic materials and sustainable practices. The company was founded in 1948 by Emmanuel “Emil” Bronner, selling castile soap after fleeing from the Nazis in Germany under a rise in fascism. The family’s roots go further back, with soap-making skills dating decades.

More recently, the company shifted its main focus on organic and sustainable practices. Many of the company’s products already contain hemp extracts and/or CBD, among other useful ingredients. Earlier this year, the brand launched into the food market, using organic materials. The company added chocolate to Dr. Bronner’s line of products after the company learned that many of the farmers in Ghana who supply its Regenerative Organic Certified Serendipalm (used in Dr. Bronner’s soaps) also grow cocoa.

In 2019, Dr. Bronner’s pledged support of psilocybin efforts in Oregon, including a public endorsement of Oregon’s statewide Psilocybin Therapy Service Initiative of 2020 (PSI 2020), Oregon’s statewide Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act of 2020 (DATRA), as well as Decriminalize Nature’s efforts to decriminalize natural psychedelic plant medicines in cities around the country including in Oregon.

Oregon Measure 109, the Psilocybin Program Initiative was on the ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute and approved on November 3, 2020. “We were the major financial backer of Oregon’s 109 measure,” Bronner said.

In November 2020, Dr. Bronner’s released a cannabis-scented soap bar to benefit a new consumer education and crowdfunding campaign to promote the regenerative organic cannabis standard, Sun+Earth Certified. The scented soap bars contain specific terpenes found in cannabis for a unique smell.

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