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High Times Retail Holiday Gift Guide 2021



For better or for worse, it’s holiday time again, but good news! That means it’s also time to splurge on your favorite cannabis products in honor of this wonderful and chaotic time of year.

High Times has been in the cannabis retail business for two years now, and we’re excited to share with you some of the leading brands that you can find available for sale within our High Times Cannabis Markets and through delivery. Whether you’re stocking up for yourself or searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones and friends, we have you covered this holiday season.

Courtesy of Fig Farms

Fig Farms

Fig Farms claims that it offers some of the most sought-after cannabis in the entire state of California—and the quality of Fig Farms buds is undeniable. The company is 100 percent owned by growers operating out of an Oakland, California facility. Fig Farms features numerous strains on its website (with beautiful strain photography, by the way) and has a wide selection of different phenos, such as Animal Mints, with its scent of “tennis ball and lemon.”

Courtesy of Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the Jungle Boys brand and legacy. Established in 2006 in Los Angeles, California, this company has long since perfected the art of pheno hunting to both discover and cultivate truly unique strains. Striving to take their “jungle to new heights,” Jungle Boys continues to do what it does best, especially with strains such as TropCherry, a cross between Tropicanna and Cherry Cookies that will have you wanting more.

Courtesy of The Cure Company

The Cure Company

Cultivating since 1996, The Cure Company has long since become famous for its premium cannabis flower. The company’s operation utilizes a two-story seed-to-sale facility in Downtown Los Angeles, along with an eight-room cultivation space upstairs and the City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC) dispensary downstairs. Check out strains like The Cure Company’s Curelato, which is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that has been found to be fruity and uplifting.

Courtesy of The Originals

The Originals

Located in a nearly 100-year-old building in the heart of Los Angeles, California, The Originals Factory & Weed Shop is a family-owned and operated business that has become a mainstay cannabis destination. With quality in mind, The Originals employs expert cultivators (with a total of over 100 years of experience in the industry) who grow everything in-house. The dispensary offers a wide variety of products available to consumers, as well as its own line of cannabis flower, such as Oaksterdam OG.

Courtesy of Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Green Dragon is no stranger to cultivating exotic strains. Take for example its Fourth Place winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup Northern California for its Mamba Mints strain in the Indica category—Mamba Mints is a dessert-like strain if we ever heard of one, featuring creamy citrus flavors followed by amazingly potent effects. Check out Green Dragon’s wide selection at its North Hollywood location.

Courtesy of Farmer and the Felon

Farmer & The Felon

This amazing brand is making waves in the fight to advocate for social justice. It aims to right the wrongs on the War on Drugs by partnering with the Last Prisoner Project to “bring restorative justice through the power of cannabis.” Farmer & The Felon’s Unlocked products offer the very best of outdoor-grown, California cannabis with strains like Triangle Kush, White Tahoe Cookie, Blackjack, Daydream, Dogwalker OG, Grape Stomper, Pai Gow, Starfruit and Sundae Driver.

Courtesy of Almora Farm

Almora Farm

Driven by a passion for cultivation, Almora Farm only grows cannabis with the best genetics—probably because it employs an expert team of “farmers, artists and magicians.” Organically growing cannabis outdoors in California, Almora Farm’s goal is to share its love for flower, such as its Berry White Single Origin Cannabis Flower.

Courtesy of Dime Bag

Dime Bag

Dime Bag grows its organic cannabis flower in California “for the people who just want to get high and have fun.” Dime Bag’s flower is widely available in a variety of forms, such as eighths, ounces, pre-rolls and concentrates. In terms of this company’s flower selection, we’re big fans of its High Potency sativa strain, for the days when you need a serious pick-me-up.

Courtesy of Panacea


When it comes to Panacea, the two words that come to mind are quality and value. Panacea is known to consumers everywhere due to its mission to deliver therapeutic benefits through its premium flower and natural extracts. Overall, if you’re looking for a brand that has your well-being of both body and mind as its highest priority, then look no further than Panacea. Better yet, Panacea flower is going to pack a punch in your mind and body (and not so much in your wallet), as its 3.5G Flower Midz is top-shelf flower at a great value.

Courtesy of Packwoods


Packwoods is a longtime staple in the Los Angeles cannabis scene that strives to produce high-quality and consistent pre-roll products. For those who want that blunt experience without the side effects of nicotene, then Packwoods has you covered. The brand’s products are made with 100 percent tobacco-free PACKS wrap. We’re especially impressed with the company’s Packwoods Packarillos, which include three mini hand-rolled blunts with a glass tip and a tobacco-free wrap. Currently offered in a number of different strains, Packwood’s Jobstopper and Purp Invaders Packarillos really caught our eye.

Courtesy of Dodi


Founded by former NFL star Marshawn Lynch, Dodi offers craft blunts made with the highest of quality. Each blunt comes in a reusable tube, in case you don’t end up finishing it all in one sesh, to maintain freshness and address sustainability. The blunt itself is made from an all-natural, glue-free, tobacco-free hemp wrap, and comes with an essential filter for a slow burn. Oh, and no big deal, but these blunts are also covered in pure THCA crystalline for the ultimate experience.

Courtesy of Cream of the Crop Gardens

Cream of the Crop Gardens

The High Times Cannabis Cup Northern California 2021 yielded many high-quality products in a variety of categories—including the first place winner for pre-rolls, Cream of the Crop Gardens’ 1.4 gram Diamond Barrel Infused Pre-roll. The brand also offers other sought-after products, like half-gram pre-rolls that are perfect for a quick smoke sesh. The company’s sleek package design is just the beginning of what makes Cream of the Crop so great. It also offers a variety of cannabis flower and concentrates through many regions of California.

Courtesy of Napalm Brands

Napalm Brands

Napalm Brands’ joints are without a doubt some of the largest on the market. The brand’s monstrous pre-roll, called the Grenade XXL Infused Pre-Roll, contains seven grams of premium Gary Payton flower from Cookies, including one gram of live resin and Lift Tickets Infused Rolling Paper to boot. Any cannabis aficionado would be ecstatic to get their hands on this explosive package, but Napalm Brands also offers a selection of live resign cartridges and batteries, infused chocolates and rolling papers too.

Curtesy of Loudpack


Loudpack’s brand, Kingpen, has been a pioneer in cannabis for over eight years. With Kingrolls, Kingpen wanted to expand into new formats to grow with the market. Kingroll Juniors offer the same highly potent, smooth smoking experience in a pocket-friendly design for shareable situations. The company’s experienced cultivation and extraction teams work together to pair each unique strain combination, resulting in fire every time. The brand’s multistep sifting process leaves only trichomes, which are the THC and terpenes that enhance potency and flavor.

Courtesy of 710 Labs

710 Labs

If you seek quality, you can’t get much better than products by 710 Labs. The company strives for rich flavors in its cannabis products, which are free from pesticides and deliciously potent. 710 Labs selects its cannabis from only the best, most renowned breeders in the business—and as a result, its concentrates are out of this world. One of our favs is the Cake Crashers Water Hash, which is a light-yellow appearance and contains a beautiful scent profile with sweet notes of “sugary berries, plum and grape juice.”

Courtesy of Cannabiotix


The highly decorated High Times Cannabis Cup recipient Cannabiotix has won over 15 Cannabis Cup wins in the past. Cannabiotix was founded by Neema Samari and J.B., who are two expert cultivators on a mission to provide only the best flower and concentrates. Cannabiotix’s Live Rosin is produced by hand-selecting material from harvest and freezing it immediately. It’s hand-washed in a medical grade stainless steel vessel with chilled R/O water and ice. Then the material is hand-stirred and the resin is collected using micron screens, placed into pharmaceutical freeze dryers to dry the Bubble Hash. The taste is unmatchable.

Courtesy of Raw Garden

Raw Garden

Winners of the 2019 Bay Area Cannabis Cup, the team behind Raw Garden has carved a name for itself as a NorCal heavyweight, with delightful concentrates to share with the world. Raw Garden is located in the hills of Santa Ynez, in Santa Barbara’s famed wine country. The live resin is made using entirely organically-based and Clean Green-certified farming techniques that is Cryogenically Flash-Frozen immediately at harvest. It contains approximately four to seven percent terpenes and comes in a drier consistency than Raw Garden Sauce. You can also find other juicy consistencies from the Raw Garden pool of products.

Courtesy of URSA


Looking for those rich terps and for potency that packs a punch, minus the aftertaste? URSA’s Master Extractors carefully pull the essential cannabinoids and terpenes from the fresh flower in small, select batches. It’s all Clean Green-certified from Santa Barbara County. URSA’s cannabis oil artisans then melt together the combination of terpenes and diamonds from the same strain to create the extraordinary experience you get from each and every URSA product. Pictured is Pink Lemonade Live Resin bursting with terpenes, providing a wonderful taste that is both tart with a rich sweetness.

Courtesy of Wonderbrett


The only thing juicier and tastier than Wonderbrett flower is the company’s concentrates, often bursting with tropical flavors in selections like Pineapple Live Badder. The Wonderbrett cultivation facility is located in the heart of Long Beach, California. Its facility is one of the largest in North America and was designed to create small batch, craft style premium products at scale. In the summer of 1997, Brett Feldman was gifted the original OG Kush, a legendary West Coast strain of mythic proportions, and everything changed after that point. Over the years, Wonderbrett has partnered with bands like Sublime with Rome.

Courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts

When it comes to the concentrate game, Jetty Extracts is clearly winning. Utilizing its one-of-a-kind solventless extraction process allows the brand’s offerings to hit the mark every time in terms of purity, potency and true-to-strain flavor. One example of its solventless offerings is Jetty SOLVENTLESS Papaya Bomb vape, which also happens to be its first-ever High Times exclusive. Crafted by Jetty, it’s a unique, hybrid cross of THC Bomb x Papaya. With sweet, tropical notes and a little bit of spice, it brings the cool, potently-mellow vibes. And because it’s Jetty SOLVENTLESS, this vape never touches a chemical, made simply using ice, water, heat and pressure. Available for a limited time.

Courtesy Good News

Good News

This could be the greatest news you’ve heard all day. Good News is a brand that’s available in California, Illinois and Michigan and offers some of the most potent vape products to its consumers with over 80 percent THC in every puff. Vapes by Good News are disposable and contain 0.3 grams of premium cannabis concentrate full of botanical terpenes. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend this holiday season, the brand is offering four vape varieties of Brunch (Hybrid), Vegas (Sativa), Friyay (Sativa) and Me Time (Indica).

Courtesy of Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms

Named for its sumptuous flavor, Bloom Farms Live Resin offers an unparalleled experience. Flavorsome extract of fresh-frozen flower transports the palate to the moment of harvest with exquisite terpene brilliance. The purity and clarity of Liquid Diamonds elevates potency without skewing the most vital expression of the plant. The brand’s In the Pines – Sativa offering isn’t just heavy on the pineapple sativa elements from its heritage. In the Pines delivers a mellow, smooth-yet-focused high along with satisfying relaxation that spreads throughout the body. While tropical hints infuse its aroma and flavor, the lingering notes are earthy, herbal and spicy.

Other varieties like the Raskal’s Fire OG – Hybrid satisfies with well-balanced mind and body effects, inducing calm contentment and cerebral stimulation while diminishing physical tension. Its Supernova – Indica variety provides an out-of-this-world experience right from your couch with this positively potent chronic. Its deep indica effects are echoed by sweet accents of deep berry flavor in a base of earthy pine, but Supernova offers a surprising boost to creativity and mental stimulation.

Courtesy of STIIIZY


It’s always time to take a hit off your STIIZY. STIIIZY offers a line of premium cannabis products—most famous for its pens—that have elevated the bar, setting a new industry standard for portability and convenience. STIIIZY’s proprietary pod system has garnered a cult-like following since its launch and has emerged as a leading lifestyle brand in cannabis. STIIIZY uses state-of-the-art lab technology for all of its extraction process needs. As everyone knows, it takes excellent flower to make excellent extracts, and this is why STIIIZY’s cultivators take the best strains. Recent projects include supporting veterans by teaming up with The Blacklist, a veteran-owned company.

Courtesy of AbsoluteXtracts


High Times Cannabis Cup-winning AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils. AbsoluteXtracts was created by and for independent individuals in search of portable solutions for daily cannabis use. Established in 2014 by long-time cultivators and industry experts, ABX provides reliable, consistent cannabis concentrates in a variety of formats to fit any lifestyle. ABX products are made with the best sungrown, whole-plant cannabis that California has to offer. Many products are extracted using CO2 without the use of toxic solvents or additives, in a variety of convenient and precisely-dosed applications.

Courtesy of Mistifi


High Times Cannabis Cup-winning Mistifi’s beautiful vape pens redefine the art of the draw. The pens are designed to work in harmony with some of the world’s finest Extra Virgin Cannabis Oil, and the Mistifi cannabis vape pen balances precise airflow, voltage and temperature to deliver the delicate balance of terpenes, terpenoids and cannabinoids in its unique triple-strain blends. Using proprietary Hi-Phi extraction technology that precisely conserves the integrity of the native cannabis flower instead of altering it, Mistifi has created first-of-their-kind ultra-premium, triple-strain vape pens. The Hi-Phi extraction method fine-tunes high-pressure and low temperature for a unique effect.

Courtesy of Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone is a family-owned and operated brand that prides itself on selling what it grows, cures and packs, and now consumers can enjoy its farm-direct cannabis in quality concentrate form. For example, its 805 Glue cured resin is a strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpene-rich extract of Pacific Stone’s indoor greenhouse flower. Extracted to taste and feel like a Pacific Stone cannabis, this 1g cartridges have a ceramic core to maximize flavors.

Courtesy of LDS Distribution


There isn’t always a best time for a smoking experience, and the PUFF line of disposable vapes is perfect when you want to keep things quick and discreet. Its PUFF line of high quality ceramic core vape pens contain Live Resin Sauce in strain specific blends. They are charged and ready to go right out of the package, so you can just grab one and go, and just incase the battery runs out before you do, there is an added emergency charging port, so you will never run out of juice until its empty. The PUFF line also includes 100 percent all flower pre-rolls and PUFF LOADED Pre-rolls, which are painted in a layer of PUFF brand cannabis oil and then rolled in a coating of blonde kief.

Courtesy of Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters

Since 1996, Heavy Hitters has been dedicated to only producing the highest quality, purest and most potent products on the marketplace. For something as important as a sleep product, the brand didn’t just follow what was already out in the marketplace, it made it the Heavy Hitters way: stronger, cleaner, better.

One and done mentality, Heavy Hitters has created the heaviest hitting sleep gummy in the world, packing 20mg of THC with 20mg of CBN in every piece (10:10 per serving), more than two times the industry average. Infused with the same Ultra cannabis oil found in our bestselling vape carts (Indica). And since the gummy testing team had to start setting multiple alarms in the morning, naming the product “Lights Out” seemed fitting.

Courtesy of Wyld


Wyld produces the best tasting edibles and beverages on the market, using real fruit and all natural flavoring. Consistent quality and stunning packaging makes Wyld an ideal choice to take on life’s adventures. Wyld was founded in 2016 by three college friends working over a two-burner stove in a tiny farm building outside of Bend, Oregon.

Since its humble beginnings, Wyld has become one of the leading cannabis edible producers in the country. With flavors inspired by the Pacific Northwest, high quality ingredients, real-fruit and consistent dosing, Wyld is formulated specifically with you in mind. Wyld is currently self distributing in four states; Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona with plans to launch in Michigan, Washington and Canada before the end of 2021. The company’s drive to offer the best tasting edibles is matched only by its gratitude and appreciation for your support. Wyld invites you to bring its products along for all your adventures, no matter how big or small.

Wyld’s Marionberry gummies are made with real fruit and an Indica-enhanced botanical terpene blend, making them a great addition to the end of any long day. Whether eaten around a campfire, or in the comfort of your own home, these gummies are great for unwinding.


Courtesy of Kiva

Kiva is an industry-leading edibles company that offers a variety of products to keep you going throughout the year. In honor of the holiday season, we invite you to get all the feels of Christmas morning with Kiva’s limited edition, Holiday Punch gummies. Energizing terpenes with notes of cranberry and cinnamon will have you leaping out of bed with joyful anticipation.

Another product that’s perfect for the holiday season is Kiva’s Terra. Each bite takes 10+ hours to create and offers microdoses of 5mg THC. These edibles are discreet, precise and solventless. Featuring a soft and sweet peppermint core coated by rich dark chocolate, the bites have a bold, fresh minty flavor. Finally, the brand’s limited edition holiday favorite is back! This festive and flavorful Kiva Bar is made of delicious, infused dark chocolate, with swirls of white chocolate, completed with a dusting of crushed peppermint candy. This seasonal treat makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Courtesy Good News

Good News

Keep the good times rolling with your friends and enjoy some flavorful gummies from Good News. Good News Gummies contain 10mg of full spectrum oil in each gummy. For lovers of sour candies that contain the welcomed effects of cannabinoids, Good News Gummies have an array of sour flavors including Counting Sheep (Indica: 2:1 THC/CBN), Me Time (Indica), Friyay (Sativa), Day Off (Hybrid 1:1 THC/CBN), Brunch (Hybrid), Vegas (Sativa) and Pride (Sativa). Add them to your holiday shopping list for a cannabis experience that suits your activities.

Courtesy of Kanha


High Times Cannabis Cup winner Kanha Treats sells Kanha premium gummies, which are made with the highest quality cannabis oils, scientifically extracted and infused with cannabinoids to provide a consistent dose. They’re safe, reliable and delicious. Every gummy is its own adventure in flavor and experience, leading you on a joyful journey full of curiosity and bliss. There are zero pesticides, all-natural ingredients, coloring or flavoring. As always, you can expect a good texture and consistency from Kanha. Kanha falls under the Sunderstrom family of brands that are known for their quality.

Courtesy of Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley

Longtime leader in cannabis products, Papa & Barkley is a California-based company that was founded by Adam Grossman in 2014. It eventually grew into a family of caregivers, scientists, farmers and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis. Papa & Barkley topicals, for instance, are High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning. All the products are made up of pesticide-free cannabis, grown by farmers. Products include CBD Relief Balm, as well as oils and other topicals that provide great relief when you have a specific area on your skin that needs attention.

Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals

Go to the brand you already trust for relief when you need it. Mary’s Medicinals provide patients with a better quality of life through plant-based ingredients and innovations. Merging modern technology with established horticulture practices allows for the easy integration of the therapeutic power of cannabis into one’s daily routine. The company provides varied delivery methods that offer a wide array of benefits, such as the elimination of smoking, dose control, continued release, convenience and systemic effects. Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Compound contains equal parts THC and CBD. It’s great for spot-specific pain.

Courtesy of High Desert Pure

High Desert Pure

All of High Desert Pure’s products are cruelty-free, made with vegan ingredients and crafted with full-spectrum extracts and other carefully selected ingredients. The brand’s topical line does not disappoint, as it features a Massage Oil, Aloe Gel, Relief Stick, Lip Balm and Lotion. Also part of its topical line, its High Desert Pure Eucalyptus Balm contains 600mg of full-spectrum extract in a ‭1:1‭ ‬CBD/THC blend. It is formulated with eucalyptus for an exhilarating effect in a two-ounce recyclable, child-resistant jar, made with a reclaimed ocean plastic. The balm is quite a bit thicker than lotion but just as smooth, providing slow absorption for long-lasting relief.

Courtesy of Cosmic View

Cosmic View

Ready for some relief in specific areas on your skin? Get a little deeper with Cosmic View. The brand is 100 percent women-owned and operated. The company’s product line includes a variety of tinctures, balms and edibles, many of which are formulated with women in mind. When it comes to topicals, one example is Cosmic View’s Deep Down athletic balm, which is 100 percent organic, and doctor-formulated. It’s made with full-spectrum CBD- and THC-rich cannabis to relieve achy, sore muscles. One of its active ingredients, medicinal rosemary, contains flavonoids, terpenes and phenolic acids that have been associated with effective treatment of rheumatic pain.

Courtesy of Kush Queen

Kush Queen

Is it time yet for a little self-care? Or perhaps it’s time to shut yourself off from the outside world? Kush Queen is a leader in the CBD space, offering premium bath bombs, topicals and gummies. Its topical line includes lotion, lube, shower gel, sugar scrub, skin serum, massage oil and more. One fine example of the brand’s topicals is Kush Queen’s Renew, a lavender sugar scrub, loaded with 100mg of pure CBD. It will leave your skin glowing. The organic sugar base, CBD and jojoba oil all work together to help your body remove dead skin, clean pores and moisturize. It is great for all skin types and full-body use—from your face to your feet.

High Times Branded Cannabis and CBD Products

Courtesy of High Times

Still searching for that perfect gift for cannabis connoisseurs on your shopping list? Lucky for you, High Times has released branded products ranging from premium flower and pre-rolls to full spectrum live resin cartridges and everything in between. High Times products are helping consumers take those holiday celebrations to new heights.

For CBD lovers, High Times offers a full selection of CBD products that are available across the nation. Don’t miss your chance to save and shop the High Times Holiday CBD Bundle while supplies last.

To purchase all of these products from High Times and our brand partners, click here to find a High Times Cannabis Market near you. You can also have products delivered right to your door through our convenient delivery service.

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Cannabis Compounds Prevented Covid Infection in Recent Laboratory Study



The two cannabis compounds commonly found in hemp — called cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA — were identified during a chemical screening effort as having potential to combat coronavirus, researchers from Oregon State University said. In the study, they bound to spike proteins found on the virus and blocked a step the pathogen uses to infect people.

The researchers tested the compounds’ effect against alpha and beta variants of the virus in a laboratory. The study didn’t involve giving the supplements to people or comparing infection rates in those who use the compounds to those who don’t.

Hemp is a source of fiber, food and animal feed, and extracts are commonly added to cosmetics, body lotions, dietary supplements and food.

“These compounds can be taken orally and have a long history of safe use in humans,” said Richard van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center. “They have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2,” he said in a statement.

Source: Boomberg

Image: Unsplashed



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Brand Spotlight: Moon Made Farms



“I’ve always been somebody who was a minority among minorities, being marginalized and also being attracted to marginalized subcultures. Rock ‘n’ roll is where I found my family, and in cannabis, I found another family.” Inspired by the “female expression of the most powerful plant on Earth,” her words, Tina Gordon of Moon Made Farms carved out a cannabis brand, and a name for herself, in Humboldt County, California. But it hasn’t always been this way.

“I was living in San Francisco for most of my adult life, and during that time, I was living a very underground lifestyle with art, music and playing in bands, releasing records, van touring, that kind of thing, for about 20 years,” Gordon said. “I was in a bunch of different punk and metal bands; I did a mobile soundstage, that kind of thing. And I used to do art shows, photography, video. I really dedicated myself to having a full, creative life, to live lean, and to live life to the fullest.”

However, after two decades living that lifestyle, things began to transition. After going through a band break-up and a career shift, she was looking for where to go next. Suddenly, Gordon found herself spending more and more time in Humboldt County instead of the Bay Area, first filming a documentary, then even dating someone in the area and realizing she wanted to spend all of her time there. She also fell in love with growing the cannabis plant, something she never would have tried in her previous life.

“Moon Made Farms acknowledges the feminine in this plant, the moon being a symbol of femininity. The moon has a regular schedule with subtle changes every, single night. So, sun-grown isn’t just about the sun; it’s about the moon and the night cycle as well.”

“I didn’t even have houseplants in San Francisco,” she admitted. “I was really urban. And then when I went through my first season in Humboldt, and I saw this plant grow from seed to full expression, I was completely captivated, and it shifted my awareness to the natural world and how incredible it is. The sensory experience of growing this plant changed my life.”

As she began listening to the earth and the plants she was growing, she started to realize how sacred the relationship between cannabis and grower truly is. Seeing how cannabis thrives when given rain-caught water, fresh air, full sunlight and all the other natural elements that can be granted through outdoor growing in the Emerald Triangle, Gordon knew she had a new obsession. Now, instead of making music and art, she’s all about growing the juiciest, most gorgeous buds. But she never left the social justice element behind.

Gordon started learning permaculture regenerative techniques and working them into her growing to develop more sustainable practices around producing cannabis. As an advocate for outdoor growing, she is always trying to learn more. And as a social justice advocate, she always tries to pull in queer folks, women and other marginalized people to work on her farm.

Photo Credit: Matthew Brightman

“I’ve always been somebody who was a minority among minorities, being marginalized and also being attracted to marginalized subcultures,” Gordon said. “Rock ‘n’ roll is where I found my family, and in cannabis, I found another family. And when something changes your life as much as cannabis, there is a responsibility to pay it forward, a responsibility to do activism work and social justice work and to help educate people about the true value of this plant.

Through education, she wants to make sure that the focus is on sun-grown and natural cannabis, a personal passion.

“Misconceptions about outdoor-grown flower are based on the industry standard,” she said.

“That started because of prohibition, when all the outdoor farmers were forced inside, so indoor farming became the industry standard. Now that we’re emerging out of prohibition, it just feels like the plant should go back outside. Now, during that time, some incredible advancements have happened. A lot has happened in the way of genetics and techniques around this plant, but I would love to see this plant go back outside, and for there to be extensive research done on the properties and potential of what this plant has to offer.

Photo Credit: Debra Keith

Now, Moon Made Farms is known on the market for producing quality, sungrown, sustainable cannabis that stands out from the rest, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and ethos that Gordon puts into her work. She’s also thrilled that she gets to revisit her musician days and sell merch for her farm, and she loves studying the growth cycle of the plant. As for the moon, to her, it’s a celebration of the feminine within the cannabis plant, the dark within the light.

“Moon Made Farms acknowledges the feminine in this plant, the moon being a symbol of femininity. The moon has a regular schedule with subtle changes every, single night. So, sun-grown isn’t just about the sun; it’s about the moon and the night cycle as well. This is a photosensitive plant. It’s sensitive to light. And that quality of light will affect the plant in every way, so one of the most important things about the plant being grown outside is that exposure to the night sky. And so, Moon Made Farms is acknowledging lunar farming techniques, an ancient way of cultivating all plants, as well as the symbol of the feminine that the moon represents.”

Read this story originally published in High Times July 2021 Issue in our archive.

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Leading political groups and charities call for UK cannabis reform



The report Regulating Right, Repairing Wrongs: Exploring Equity and Social Justice Initiatives within UK Cannabis Reform, proposes 14 guiding social equity principles that should be integrated in the UK.

The report outlines an evidence-based roadmap to prioritise and protect those most vulnerable to the harms of prohibition in legal recreational markets.

Dr Laura Garius, Policy Lead at Release and one of the paper’s authors, said: “The UK Government’s new drug strategy regurgitated a ‘tough on drugs’ rhetoric, despite the Home Office’s own research concluding that the estimated £1.6 billion spend per year on drug law enforcement is not impacting levels of drug use.

“Change is inevitable – cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the UK and the world, and it is simply too lucrative a market for politicians to ignore. However, we must make sure that cannabis will be regulated right.

“The legal renaissance of cannabis is a vital opportunity to address the harm that cannabis prohibition has caused to Black and Brown communities and to people with lived experience of cannabis policing.

“Social equity models of cannabis reform are already being developed around the world while the UK is left faltering behind. We must be prepared to follow in these footsteps and recognise that cannabis reform is not progressive if the harms continue for some.”

A number of US states, in particular, New York and Massachusetts, have paved the way for a social and racial justice model of cannabis reform.

These 14 principles are designed to ensure that the same people who are locked up by punitive drug policies are not locked out of the legal market.

Some of the main principles include:

  • Decriminalisation must go hand in hand with regulation by removing criminal or civil sanctions for the use or possession of cannabis, regardless of its legal or illegal origin.
  • Tax revenue should be invested in communities that have been over-criminalised, and support harm reduction interventions and wider drug treatment initiatives.
  • The non-commercial domestic cultivation of cannabis should be included in the same way that individuals are currently allowed to brew their own beer.
  • The automatic expungement of past cannabis-related convictions.
  • Schemes must be in place which actively support the integration of people who have been criminalised for cannabis-related activities into the legal industry.
  • Cooperative models for the distribution of cannabis (such as social clubs) should be incorporated into any new regulatory system.

This report is uniquely driven by civil society, and to date, 15 organisations have pledged their support for our principles, including support from the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform.

Source: Canex

Image: Unsplashed



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Firecracker Jinx Figure Unboxing – LoL Figurines

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VIDEO: Deadly Rock Slide Kills Boaters At Brazilian Lake | 8 Dead & 20 Missing In Brazil Jan 8 2022

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DIY: How to Make Your Own CBN

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The Gringo Farmer

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Boom time for marijuana sales in Illinois, as industry expands with new products

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Will Smoking Cannabis Increase Your Risk of Catching the Coronavirus and Other Cannabis News

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FOX NEWS THE FIVE LIVE 1/11/22 #cannabis #smokesesh #miami #florida #weed #gutfeld #watters #foxnews

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Lake Got Weeds? Razor Cutter for Removing Lake and Pond Weed for hydrilla milfoil cattails lily pads

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Launching CBD gummies to consumers

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Cannabis Compounds Prevented Covid Infection in Recent Laboratory Study

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Canadian Marijuana.. Sell the News? 6/6/2018 by

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Cannabis fights Cornholio…. #cannabis #comedy #funny #coronavirus #Fauci #news

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benefits of thcv6 months ago


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North Carolina Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Approved by Senators in Committee

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Legal Loophole? Everyone is Buying Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies Online…

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Have You Tried The New High-Potency THCP Vape Cartridges?

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A look inside Jim Belushi's 93-acre cannabis farm in Southern Oregon

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Federal Cannabis Legalization Will Happen Before 2022, According to Rohrabacher

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What Is HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) and Is It Safe To Use?

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6 milestones in the CBD industry

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Best Delta 10 Carts: Top Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges

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How to Make Weed Butter for Baking Edibles

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD for Dogs • Stoner Blog

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TOP 5 Crypto Coins for 2022 (EARLIEST Altcoin Predictions!)

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Federal Marijuana Legalization Vote In Congress | MORE Act 2021

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Cannabis Infused MCT Oil Tincture FOR HIGH THC EDIBLES

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Long COVID Treatment, Symptoms, and Recovery (Long Haulers)

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Why Is The Crypto Market Crashing Today?

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Introducing THCO Flower & THC-O Pre-Rolls

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How To Make Weed Gummies (Edibles)