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Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Cannabis. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this herb has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a full-blown stoner, chances are you’re always on the lookout for new strains to try. And what better place to find them than the highest yielding strains?

So sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. We’ve scoured the internet and identified the top 10 highest yielding cannabis strains out there. So whether you’re looking for a new strain to grow or just want to know what’s out there, this is the list for you!

The Highest Yielding Strains: An Introduction

If you’re looking to produce a large quantity of cannabis, you need to start with high-yielding strains. These strains have been specifically bred to produce large amounts of buds (the flowers of the female cannabis plant that contain the THC). To give you an idea of the potential yield, some of the highest yielding strains can produce up to 700g per plant! But remember, the actual yield will depend on a number of factors such as growing conditions, experience and luck.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the highest yielding strains available. We will also provide some tips on how to maximize your yield potential.

So, if you’re ready to start growing cannabis for its medicinal or recreational properties, read on for our guide to high yield seeds.

The Top 10 Highest Yielding Strains

In general, there are three types of cannabis strains – indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Out of these, indica plants are shorter with leaves that are wider and denser. They grow faster and have a higher yield as compared to the other two types. If you’re looking for a list of the highest yielding indica strains, here it is:

  1. Blue Cheese – This strain has a high yield of up to 550 grams per square meter. It is a hybrid of 60% indica and 40% sativa.
  2. Northern Lights – A classic indica strain that has won many awards, Northern Lights has a yield of 500-600 grams per square meter.
  3. White Widow – One of the most popular strains out there, White Widow has a yield of 450-500 grams per square meter.
  4. Master Kush – A pure indica strain, Master Kush has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  5. OG Kush – Another popular strain, OG Kush has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  6. Granddaddy Purple – A purple-colored strain, Granddaddy Purple has a yield of 400-500 grams per square meter.
  7. Chocolate Diesel – As the name suggests, this strain has a chocolatey flavor and aroma with diesel undertones. It has a yield of 350-450 grams per plant outdoors and 500-550 grams per square meter indoors.
  8. Blackberry Kush – A hybrid of 80% indica and 20% sativa, Blackberry Kush has a sweet berry flavor with earthy undertones. It has a yield of 300-400 grams per plant outdoors and 450-500 grams per square meter indoors..

9.-10 Blue Mystic – A mostly indica hybrid , it produces dense buds tinged blue with violet hues . The flowering time is only 8 weeks , making it one great choice for first time growers 350 – 400 g/m2

The Benefits of Growing High Yielding Strains

When it comes to cannabis, more is often better. More yield, more THC, more CBD, etc. There are many factors that affect a plant’s yield, from the grower’s technique to the strain itself. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the latter by discussing the highest yielding strains available.

While there are many different ways to measure a strain’s yield, we’ll be using grams per square meter (g/m²) as our metric. This is a widely used standard that allows for easy comparison between strains. With that said, let’s jump right in!

  1. Green Crack: First on our list is Green Crack, a sativa-dominant hybrid with explosive yields of up to 625 g/m². This strain is known for being easy to grow and resistant to mold and pests, making it a great choice for first-time growers. Green Crack is also relatively fast-flowering for a sativa, with a typical flowering time of 9 weeks.
  2. Blue Dream: Another popular strain among growers, Blue Dream yields an impressive 600 g/m² indoors and even more when grown outdoors. This hybrid is perfect for beginners as it’s easy to grow and relatively resistant to common problems like mold and pests. Blue Dream has a sweet berry aroma and Flavoring , making it a great choice for those looking for something different .
  3. 3 . Granddaddy Purple: Next on our list is Granddaddy Purple , A classic indica strain with deep purple buds , This ganja produces yields of up to 550 g/m² . Granddaddy Purple is loved by growers for its ease of cultivation and tolerance of cold weather .This potent indica has high THC levels , averaging at around 20% . However , its CBD levels are rather low , typically around 1% .
  4. 4 . Trainwreck: A potent sativa-dominant hybrid , Trainwreck yields up to 525 g/m² indoors. It’s one of the easier strains to grow , making it a good choice for beginner growers . Trainwreck has high THC levels , averaging at 21% . However , its CBD levels are rather low , typically below 1% . This strain gets its name from its mind-bending effects that “wreck” your train of thought . 5 . White Widow: Last but not least on our list is White Widow , A world-famous hybrid that was first introduced in the 1990s White Widow is still one of the most popular strains today due to its impressive yields (up to 500 g/m² indoors) and relatively short flowering time (usually around 8 weeks) This well-balanced hybrid has moderate THC levels (around 18%) and low CBD levels (around 0.5%)


The Drawbacks of Growing High Yielding Strains

Crosses between different varieties of cannabis can lead to unpredictable results. A hybrid can take on characteristics from either parent, or be significantly different from both. This is why many growers prefer to work with purebred strains, which are more likely to produce predictably uniform offspring.

However, some growers prefer to work with high yielding strains, even though they may be less predictable. High yielding strains are those that produce more buds, and thus more yield, per plant. While there are some drawbacks to growing high yielding strains, the increased yield may be worth the extra effort for some growers.

Drawbacks of Growing High Yielding Strains

  1. Increased likelihood of hermaphroditism.
  2. Increased likelihood of problems with nutrient deficiency and excess.
  3. More difficult to control the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity).
  4. Requires more experience and knowledge to grow successfully.

How to Grow the Highest Yielding Strains

The term “highest yielding strains” can be a bit misleading. There are many variables that come into play when growing cannabis, and yield is only one of them. That being said, there are certain strains that have a reputation for being high yielding, and if you’re looking to maximize your harvest, these are the ones you should be growing. Purchase from United Cannabis Seeds if you are looking for a reputable seed bank.

Here are some tips for growing the highest yielding strains:

-Choose a strain that is known to produce high yields. Some good options include White Widow, Northern Lights, and G-13.

-Make sure you are growing in optimal conditions. This includes using quality soil and nutrients, providing adequate light and ventilation, and maintaining a consistent temperature.

-Train your plants early on. This will help them to grow more horizontal branches which will in turn produce more buds.

-Be patient! Don’t try to rush the process by harvesting early. Allow your plants to mature fully so that they reach their maximum potential yield.

– Search for high yield seeds from a reputable us seed bank that has great reviews on TrustPilot and Google

Tips for Growing High Yielding Strains

Every grower wants to get the most they can out of their harvest, and there are many ways to increase yield. One method is to choose high yielding strains, and this can be done by doing some research on the best strains for yield. You can also talk to experienced growers or dispensary staff members for recommendations. Another way to increase yield is by using techniques like topping, which is when you remove the growing tip of the plant to encourage it to grow lateral branches. These branches will then produce more flowers or buds.

Here are some tips for growing high yielding strains:

-Do your research: As mentioned, part of growing high yield strains is choosing the right ones. Make sure to do your research on different strains and find out which ones have the highest yields. You can ask other growers, dispensary staff, or look up information online.

-Topping: Remove the growing tip of the plant (the main stem) to encourage lateral branching. This will result in more flowers or buds. Topping is typically done once the plant has reached a certain height, so make sure to do some research on when to top your particular strain.

-Fertilize: Make sure to fertilize your plants regularly with a quality fertilizer. This will ensure that they have all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong, and ultimately produce more buds or flowers.

-Prune: Pruning involves removing dead or dying leaves and branches from your plants. This allows them to focus their energy on producing new growth, which can lead to increased yields.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing high yielding strains that will give you a bountiful harvest!

The Bottom Line on High Yielding Strains

So, which strains give the highest yields? As a general rule, indica strains tend to produce more buds (and therefore greater yields) than sativas. This is because indicas tend to be shorter and bushier than sativas, with more nodes (where leaves and flowers grow) along their stems.

FAQs About High Yielding Strains

Q: how many pounds per plant can I expect?

Answer: It really depends on the individual strain, however most high yielding strains will produce 1-2 lbs per plant. Some may even produce up to 3 lbs!

Q: What are some good high yielding strains?

Answer: Some of our favorite high yielding strains include White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, and Granddaddy Purple.


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Adults who use cannabis daily do not perceive smoking as harmful, study finds



Questions abound about what impact legalization will have on adult and youth health.

A new study led by Dr. Renee Goodwin, Professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH), shows that increased cigarette use is one possibility. While cigarette use has been declining for decades in the U.S., a new study finds that adults who use cannabis daily do not perceive smoking a pack a day as being as harmful as those who do not use cannabis in the U.S. In the context of recent findings that perception of risk plays a key role in predicting substance use, and that perception of risk associated with cannabis use has declined steadily along with legalization, these findings were somewhat of a surprise.

The researchers used data from adults age 18 and older in the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a representative survey of U.S. individuals. Participants’ responses to a question asking how much people risk harming themselves physically and in other ways by smoking one or more packs of cigarettes per day were compared between those who use cannabis daily and those who did not use cannabis in the past year. Sixty-two percent of adults who use cannabis daily perceived pack a day cigarette use to be of “great” risk to health, compared with 73% of those who did not use cannabis in the past year.

“Tobacco control has done a tremendous job in public education on the physical health risks associated with tobacco use, and cigarette smoking in particular, over the past several decades,” says Goodwin, also an adjunct professor at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. Her prior work shows that cigarette use, however, is much more common among those who use cannabis and findings suggesting that cannabis legalization may lead to increases in cannabis use and cannabis-cigarette co-use among adults.

Dr. Goodwin discussed her work, and in particular that of Canadian colleagues, at a recent public hearing for a law that would ban cannabis packaging that appeals to children in New York’s Suffolk County. Findings from recent studies in Canada, where cannabis is legal on a federal level, show increases in adult cannabis use but as of the most recent study in 2022, no significant increases in cannabis use among adolescents.

“The data suggests that plain packaging is one measure that can maximize the safe and effective rollout of cannabis legalization that ensures and protects the health, safety and wellbeing of all members of our community,” Goodwin said. “Prohibiting product packaging that mimics foods and candies that are traditionally marketed to children may reduce potential unintended harms to the most vulnerable members of our community via accidental ingestion/poisonings, which have exploded in number in recent years in the U.S., and child and adolescent intentional use of these products.”


Journal reference:

Goodwin, R.D., et al. (2022) Everything old is new again: Creating and maintaining a population-level ‘shared reality’ of health risks associated with cigarette use toward both reducing the prevalence and eliminating disparities in cigarette use among all Americans. Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Image: Pexels

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Chris Webber Launches New Strains With ‘Players Only’



NBA Hall of Famer Chris Webber announced the launch of his cannabis brand Players Only with his business partner, Lavetta Willis—and he’s bringing several familiar faces along for the ride including Quavo, Raekwon, Royce da 5’9″, Matt Barnes, and Jason Williams.

The new all-star brand was first announced on August 11. Players Only will feature an array of strains, cannabis oil cartridges, pre-rolls, vapes, as well as sport recovery and performance products. Players Only will also roll out branded apparel and footwear.

Last March, TerrAscend secured exclusive retail rights for Players Only products in Michigan through the acquisition of Gage Growth Corp, securing the way for the brand to drop.

“Players Only is more than a cannabis brand—it’s a lifestyle brand,” Webber said. “We truly have a unique opportunity to change the narrative around cannabis, empower rising entrepreneurs and set a new standard in this growing industry. We’re thrilled to launch our versatile offerings and begin the process of creating meaningful economic change in communities across Michigan. Shout out to TerrAscend and Gage—our Michigan family. Much love to Cookies and Berner, let’s go!”

In October of last year, Webber unveiled a cannabis facility in Detroit complete with a cultivation facility, dispensary, and private consumption lounge. The 180,000 square foot Players Only facility was named the Webber Wellness Compound.

The first strains to roll out include C4, Time Out, and G.O.A.T.’s Milk, as well as Non-Laters and Whipped Cherries. Later on, the brand will roll out additional strains including Blueberry Hotcakes and Ray Jackson’s Black Sox within weeks. While C4 can give off a hashy, Afghani-like appeal, G.O.A.T.’s Milk leans more sativa with a balanced amount of THC and CBD, according to reviewers. Whipped Cherries, on the other hand, tastes exactly how you’d expect it to.

“We have been working with legacy cultivators and operators seeking to establish their place in the regulated market for quite some time,” said Lavetta Willis, co-founder and President of Players Only. “The opportunity to incorporate legacy strains and expertise into the Players Only platform and menu furthers our goal of uplifting black entrepreneurs who have been building brands and intellectual properties for decades.”

The brand also announced a partnership with Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan to launch Compliments of the Chef and his partnership with Citizen Grown. Another collaboration involves Hassim Robinson and Winner’s Circle Genetics, to bring the PB&J strain as well as Quavo’s BIRKINZ to Michigan’s cannabis market. Detroit’s legacy brand “Lil Stupid” will also launch for the first time in the adult-use market while Detroit’s own Royce da 5’9″ will roll-out his “Heaven” brand as part of an NFT. Webber’s former Sacramento Kings teammate Jason Williams will also unveil the White Chocolate strain.

Webber recently appointed Matt Barnes, former NBA star and teammate, as Chief Collaborations Officer while launching “The Smoke” with his partner and co-host, Stephen Jackson. The offering’s name is a nod to Barnes’ and Jackson’s award-winning SHOWTIME series, “All The Smoke.”

The “All the Smoke” podcast features “the brash and unapologetic NBA champions, delivers authentic, unfiltered perspective on the most polarizing topics in and around the game of basketball, including culture, social justice, politics, music and more.”

Episodes of “All the Smoke” drop each Thursday.

The launch of the brand will kick off with a limited edition brand collaboration with the Players Only x Packwoods 2.5-gram Blunt, which will be available in select stores. Learn more at the Players Only website.

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Cancer sufferer who put cannabis in her food to ease pain fined



Heather Kennedy, aged 60, who has stage four lung cancer, admitted possessing the drug with intent to supply it and being concerned in the supply of it to her husband and son between December 26, 2020 and March 16, 2021.

Mold Crown Court heard she hadn’t realised that supplying it to members of her family was illegal. A judge gave her a six-month community order.Prosecutor Alexandra Carrier said police conducted a search of Kennedy’s home in Cae Mawr in Llandudno on March 25 last year. The defendant was there with her granddaughter.

Ms Carrier said Kennedy told an officer: “I’ve got cannabis. I’m not going to lie.”Police found snap bags with “Bob Marley” logos in a bag down the side of a sofa. The search continued and the officers discovered cannabis worth a total of £370, along with £205 in cash and two mobile phones.Kennedy told police she had Stage 4 lung cancer and had taken cannabis oil, which became too expensive.

She took cannabis in her food instead, the court heard. She also supplied it to her husband and a son but did not realise she was committing a crime by doing so to members of her family.Sarah Yates, defending, said her client is ill and had been “vulnerable to an extent” but regrets her actions.

She has lost her good name and this is “possibly a lesson well-learned”, she said.Ms Yates added: “It’s safe to say I don’t think we will see her back before this court again.”The judge Her Honour Nicola Saffman noted that, when cannabis oil became prohibitively expensive, the defendant put cannabis in her food to ease the pain from her lung cancer.

But in being in possession of a Class B drug and in supplying members of her family, she had broken the law.She said Kennedy had not realised she had committed her offences and had done so out of “sheer naivety”. She added: “You are a lady of previous positive good character.”She imposed the community order, fined her a nominal sum of £10 and ordered the destruction of the drugs and forfeiture of the cash, which will go towards North Wales Police’s fight against drugs crime.

Source: ITV

Image: Pexels

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